The Art Of Living Retreat Center Boone Nc

The Art Of Living Retreat Center Boone Nc – We invite the local community to experience our unique food service in our beautiful Purna Hall. We offer self-service, buffet-style dining and a vegetarian menu that changes daily. Seating is available from Wednesday dinner to Sunday lunch by reservation only through OpenTable.

Join us at the Center for nutritious food – combined with breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, it’s a feast for the eyes and stomach.

The Art Of Living Retreat Center Boone Nc

The Art of Living Retreat Center has been dedicated to health and wellness since it opened in 2012. Purna Dining Hall has served thousands of guests with nutritious and vegetarian food carefully and thoughtfully prepared and selected.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Ayurvedic principles tell us to eat nature—real food grown by the sun, earth, air, and water that is full of natural prana, or life force. Our professionally trained chefs know this, and they know that food prepared with love for the planet and the person being fed is the best food. ⁠We grow a variety of vegetables, fruits, and herbs right here in our gardens, and some are sourced naturally, seasonally, and locally whenever we can.

We are committed to providing nutritious food that creates balance and harmony for mind, body, spirit and planet. We want to promote a sense of well-being through the choices we make.

The principles of our food philosophy guide the creation of our menu and kitchen traditions, the richness of our community, and the satisfaction of our guests. Our goal behind everything we do is to support our guests and staff to experience peace and happiness.

We believe that removing most animal products and processed foods from the diet promotes health and well-being and leaves less room for nature. Therefore, our menus emphasize healthy fruits and vegetables, whole grains, plant-based proteins, healthy oils, and unrefined sugars.

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We are committed to creating balance and harmony through food – a key concept in Ayurveda. According to Ayurvedic guidelines, we avoid onions (including leeks, shallots, chives, scallions, etc.), garlic, mushrooms, eggplant, and eggs as they are considered negative prana.

We understand that people come to us from all walks of life with different dietary needs and preferences. For these reasons, we want to satisfy their palettes with delicious dishes, familiar flavors, and beautiful displays. At the same time, we aim to encourage our guests to expand their minds and accept vegetarian food as something new to them. We also offer a variety of options for vegan guests and those with dietary needs and sensitivities, such as nuts, dairy, and gluten.

We have great respect for our community and planet and remember the impact of our kitchen.

For these reasons, we look to source natural, seasonal, and local products whenever possible. In addition, we keep sustainability at the forefront of our decision-making process when sourcing ingredients, planning menus, preparing food, and handling food waste.

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Because the emotions and energy of the person preparing the food influence the food, we lovingly feed our guests with an attitude of service. We want them to leave with joy on their faces and love in their hearts.

Located at 639 Whispering Hills Road in Boone, the road to the Center is a scenic winding road through the Blue Ridge Mountains. ►Find directions to campus here. Once you arrive, make your way to parking lot P2, the first parking lot on your right after entering the property. From there, cross the street and the bridge on the right will welcome you to the Purna Dining Hall. ► View the campus map here. We do not recommend using GPS for directions, as many of the directions are not properly marked on the navigation system and entering our address will take you out in the wild. Instead, we recommend using Google Maps (address above). Many choose to travel the Blue Ridge Parkway only from May to October because the road is closed every winter.

The Hickory Hop ferry departs from Charlotte Airport to Boone five times daily. Reservations are required; book online here.

Business, Avis, Alamo, Hertz, National, and Budget all offer car rentals at Charlotte Airport. Please contact the rental company directly for pricing.

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Uber has arrived in Boone. It is always possible to take an Uber from the Charlotte airport to the center’s reception. This is an inexpensive option when traveling with friends or family.

The Mountaineer Express departs from Boone to Charlotte at 9:25 am and from Charlotte to Boone at 6:00 pm daily. Please check their schedule for current times. To get to the Charlotte bus station, you can take the airport Cat5 Express. Once you arrive in Boone, you can take an Uber downtown.

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