Tips Collectibles Galore Discover The Joy Of Collecting

Tips Collectibles Galore Discover The Joy Of Collecting – VeeFriends has made an impact with its unique and exciting collection of corporate card collectibles. With a range of cards that offer different features and experiences, VeeFriends has captured the attention of collectors and enthusiasts. In this post, we dive into the fascinating universe of VeeFriends cards, examining each type in detail and discovering their characteristics, value and importance within an eag -VeeFriends system.

For over a century, the passion and joy of opening, collecting and swapping trading cards has captured the hearts of children and adults alike. It’s a nostalgic pastime that creates lasting memories, which has grown in popularity over the past few years. And now, VeeFriends is taking that joy to a whole new level with its attractive collection of corporate cards.

Tips Collectibles Galore Discover The Joy Of Collecting

VeeFriends invites you to take an exciting journey into the universe of VeeFriends cards, where each card has its own unique value and importance within this amazing ecosystem. Featuring collectible sets from Series 1 and Series 2, VeeFriends cards allow collectors and community members to enjoy, collect and interact with the characters in physical form, and even attempt to complete an entire set! Collectors from all over the world have been trading VeeFriends cards and unboxing cards to find the rarest ones, and you can too!

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March 8, 2022 marked a historic moment with the release of VeeFriends x zerocool Series 1 Premium Trading Cards. This collaboration between VeeFriends and zerocool, the famous trading card company with Fanatics Collectibles, presents all 268 Series 1 characters in their original hand-drawn form.

With only 1,000 boxes produced (800 sold), these premium trading cards became an instant hit. Each box contains 10 premium cards, with rarity levels that mirror the NFT collection. In each box, you can expect to find at least one 1/1 with many other limited cards! Special chase cards such as 1/1 GaryVee autographs and “Series 2 Alpha” Sketch Cards, a sneak peek at the 15 new Series 2 characters even before their official release. The rarity and utility of the Series 1 trading cards make them a highly sought-after collection of VeeFriends characters.

For the first sale, the community set the sale price via a blind Dutch auction on zerocool at $2,150. Secondary interest rose from there, with sealed boxes currently commanding north of $5,000 .The reason sealed box prices continue to rise is the importance of the original set, the limited representation of the boxes, and the rarity of the cards inside. The price correlation is direct; collectors open boxes to build their collections and hunt for rarities, and every time a box is opened the sealed supply decreases. With so many treasures still to be drawn and so few boxes produced, the demand for sealed boxes is extremely strong.

Released in April 2022, VeeFriends Trading Cards Series 2 “Compete & Collect” offers an action-packed card game experience. These boxes were also produced by zerocool and released as instant value-add for Tier 2 NFT miners. Each box contains 52 randomly distributed cards (13 packs of 4 cards) with different rarities.

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For the first time ever, people could physically gather and interact with VeeFriends Series 2. VeeFriends community members could now buy cards of characters they liked for as little as a few dollars, while building new connections and relationships. Series 2 trading cards have been a gateway to a wider range of people to collect and learn about VeeFriends.

“Compete & Collect” is a trading card game that is easy to learn and exciting to play! The game revolves around the characters overall SCORE, which combines their AURA, SKILL, and STAMINA attributes. Each character has a score between 50 and 75. Multipliers based on the rarity of the card are added to this score to create the Total Score. Players engage in head-to-head battles, moving their cards individually, with the most powerful character’s score coming out on top.

The Series 2 trading cards serve both playing and collecting purposes, offering versatility and excitement for collectors. Whether you want to join exciting competitions or expand your collection set, Series 2 “Compete & Collect” Trading Cards provide an immersive experience within the VeeFriends universe.

VeeFriends “Compete & Collect” Trading Card Series 2 contains a variety of rare cards, from rare to rare. These rarities determine the rarity and collectability of the cards.

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Inside VeeFriends Series 2 “Compete & Collect” Trading Cards is a treasure trove of art and autograph inserts. These interesting inserts add an extra layer of collectability and aesthetic appeal to the already interesting trading card set.

Playing VeeFriends “Compete & Collect” is simple. You can either play for fun or play for “keeping” so choose wisely! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get started:

VeeFriends partnered with Mattel to bring the beloved UNO game to life with VeeFriends characters! Released in December 2021, the VeeFriends UNO deck features 17 signature characters, and each deck contains one amazing foil card that can be randomly collected. The foil cards come in four levels of rarity, with the Holo Gary Bee being the rarest of them all. This marked the first time that an UNO deck featured a special foil card!

VeeFriends cards are available on secondary markets such as eBay, and the community actively trades within Twitter and Discord. With all transactions, it is essential to ensure the reputation of the seller, where eBay provides the most protection for buyers. Cards can be purchased in sealed boxes, single cards, and even a live pack or unboxing box online! Since Series 1 cards were sold out on zerocool and Series 2 were only available as a free gift, these cards are not actively sold by VeeFriends. However, there will be a “Compete & Collect” Series 2 for sale from VeeFriends at the 2023 National Sports Collectors Convention.

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The VeeFriends ecosystem offers 3 card types for collectors to explore. These include VeeFriends Series 1 Premium Trading Cards, VeeFriends Series 2 “Compete & Collect” Trading Cards, and the VeeFriends UNO deck.

Series 1 Premium Trading Cards in collaboration with zerocool represent the first VeeFriends collectible cards, while subsequent series and collaborations include new editions, artwork and variations. VeeFriends Series 2 marks the debut of the “Compete & Collect” trading card game and features the latest art form of the characters.

The exception to this structure is with the 33 access characters, where each is a 1/1 masterpiece with a precious gunmetal foil. There are also 15 original 1/1 sketches, previewing the new characters introduced in VeeFriends Series 2.

The number of basic cards produced for each VeeFriends character varies over several series. Some characters may have a limited number of cards and are harder to find, while others may have a wider range. However, all characters follow the same rare foil structure as Series 1.

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Set collecting is a popular and important part of the trading card hobby! This means putting together a complete collection of each player or character in a unique set! For VeeFriends in particular, this is so special because trading cards are currently the only physical way to collect each character! So for each card product, a complete set of VeeFriends cards includes collecting all the characters available, showcasing the breadth and depth of the VeeFriends universe. Collectors around the world have created their own sets, from Series 1, to Series 2 Prime Sets, Series 2 Rare Sets, and complete VeeFriends UNO sets!

Now that you’ve learned just about everything there is to know about VeeFriends cards, we hope to see you at the biggest card event in North America! Keep reading for more information…

We are excited to announce that VeeFriends is a corporate sponsor and will be in attendance for 5 days at the National Sports Collectors Convention in Chicago, IL, from Wednesday, July 26th through Sunday, July 30th! “The National” is the largest sports and trading card convention in the world with over 100,000 attendees, and VeeFriends Cards will be there in full force! This event will help bring VeeFriends to the forefront of the cards and collectibles scene. Sign up and stay up to date with all things VeeFriends National Takeover!

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