Tips Must-watch Films That Will Blow Your Mind!

Tips Must-watch Films That Will Blow Your Mind! – Bad special effects, terrible acting, stupid plots – there’s something endearing about a film that’s hopelessly bad. After rewatching all the movies your favorite actors made that you’ll forget, we determined which were the best (well, worst).

The good bad movies are celebrated, the movies that are so scary they are endlessly entertaining and – dare we say it? – Really good. Please join us as we give over-the-top action movies, low-budget romance thrillers, and ’80s cheese-fests the spotlight they deserve.

Tips Must-watch Films That Will Blow Your Mind!

There’s something fun about a movie that’s hopelessly committed to its (very bad) vision. Whether it’s because of bad special effects, terrible acting, or a completely absurd or absurd plot, these movies create a sense of sheer wonder and make you think, “What kind of movie is this?!” But the fact that something is illogical, or low-budget, or ill-conceived is at the core of why we love these movies. They are

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Because it’s summer — the season when so many good bad movies flourish — we want to give the subgenre the attention it deserves. We will explore the genre at length, but no project would be complete without a huge list that definitely determines the greatest good bad movies to be released. It was a Herculean task (and in this case we’re using that adjective especially with Rock.

Defining a good bad movie genre is not easy. The line between so-bad-it’s-good and so-bad-I-left-theater is a very thin one; Taste is subjective, and what one person finds enjoyable may be considered bad by another. The rise of parody films, meanwhile, raises questions about how much artistic intent is integral to giving a film the good-bad label. Therefore, following these three rules is a solid, effective way to determine whether a movie is good or bad:

Nominating candidates. After eliminating nominees that didn’t follow rule #3 above — any film with a rating above 60 percent on Rotten Tomatoes was considered ineligible — the remaining films were ranked using this formula:

CR stands for cultural relevance, and was determined by multiplying the number of Google News hits in the past year (given 1 point per 100 hits) by the number of years the movie was released. A good bad movie’s ability to remain in the cultural conversation years after it came out is significant, and it indicates how the respective movie is gaining acclaim and growing fan base.

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RT – it’s easy – is the Rotten Tomatoes score. Because good bad movies must overcome surprisingly low levels of quality, our system favors movies with truly overwhelming critical reception rather than movies reviewed as mediocre to poor.

PO stands for Public Opinion. Overall enjoyment is the ultimate goal of a good bad movie, and how much a good bad movie is liked depends on its rating compared to other good bad movies. To determine PO, a few weeks ago we tweeted a list of each candidate and asked readers to pick their 10 favorites. After the voting closed and the total votes were tabulated, each film was ranked from 1 to 64, with 64 points for first place, 63 points for second place, and so on. Do the 6,700 or so people who voted in this poll fairly represent the views of the viewing public? Probably not. But until the government adds good bad movie questions to census forms, this is the best we’ve got.

GBS stands for Good Bad Score. The higher a movie’s GBS, the more it is rated as a good bad movie.

Ok! Now that math class is over, it’s time to learn the 50 Best Good Bad Movies.

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Literally about a rock whose hand develops a mind of its own and goes on a killing spree. It’s incredibly stupid and grotesquely tone deaf: this boy kills his parents and best friends by hand, and it all plays out like a comedy. but

Good is bad because of how intense it feels – it’s 1999 on VHS tape. The entire film is scored by Sontan – whose trailer goes out of its way to mention; 90s heartthrob Devon Sawa headlines; Seth Green, the witty sidekick of that era, is the witty sidekick; And ex-Honest Jessica Alba is the literal girl next door who…

Shea Serrano: The seven-part formula for making a good bad movie: First, you cast Jean-Claude Van Damme. Second, you make the movie a thing where the core of the plot is that he has to fight to get revenge on something or someone in a tournament or in an out-of-book fight circle. Third, make sure you have an impossible-to-defeat bad guy waiting for JCVD ​​at the end. Fourth, don’t forget to sprinkle in like 10 percent precious moments when JCVD ​​interacts with a woman in an adorable way. Fifth, be sure there is a point when he is hurt pretty bad but not so bad that it completely stops him from fighting. Sixth, there is at least one funny scene. And then the seventh, let’s end it with JCVD ​​all exposed but still victorious. It works almost every time. (Except who

: Jason Statham as the villain, which always feels awkward; completely illogical plot choices; The fact that it is not much

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. But again, it’s just over 90 minutes and is either entertaining or unintentionally funny enough (“How did you get involved?” “I just answered my phone” is an actual exchange) to keep your attention until the credits roll. You wouldn’t think too hard, maybe one or two details will actually stick with you — like Statham and Chris Evans having the meanest crewneck tees, or that this movie feels like it was made specifically for MTV2 daytime programming — and both. William H. Macy and Jessica Biel are in it.

Alyssa Bereznak: Pierce Brosnan looks really good in the mountains and nearby explosions. Unless you accept that as the sole unifying premise of an objectively bad 1997 action flick

, you will be able to enjoy it. The film takes place in a peaceful town that is torn apart when a once dormant volcano suddenly erupts. Brosnan plays a renowned vulcanologist who spends the first half of the film peering over the cliff and warning people of impending danger. He lost his girlfriend, who “loved volcanoes” but was killed by one. And though he convinces the town’s mayor/single mother Linda Hamilton to fall in love with him in the space of a day, he claims he’s “always better at spotting volcanoes than people and politics.” After $100 million worth of molten lava CGI, he emerges from the mountain inferno with a broken arm and a new family. Being a volcanologist is a journey, man.

Hannah Giorgis: How many times can you watch pre-Blue Ivy Beyoncé say “you touched my baby” to a white woman (Ali Larter) trying to steal her husband (Idris Elba)? The limit does not exist. what

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Lacking believable dialogue, premise and overall quality, it caters to Beyoncé-Ali Larter fight scenes and the idea of ​​Beyoncé and Idris Elba as a couple. sorry,

Serrano: There are many ways to figure out whether a movie is a regular bad movie or a good bad movie, but perhaps the easiest is to ask yourself, “Does this movie star Brian Bosworth as a rebel cop? The secret to taking down a white supremacist biker gang.” And is there a scene where a man disfigures his arm because someone else slams it into the wheel of a spinning motorcycle? And does Brian Bosworth’s character have a Komodo dragon that feeds on the smoothies he makes? Snickers and potato chips? And is there a part The one where the guy dresses up as a member of the clergy so he can sneak a bunch of weapons into court?” Because if the answer to those questions is yes, then you know this is a pretty bad movie.

Lindsay Zoladz: A movie is only as bad as its accompanying drinking game. I can say with confidence, then, the 2006 remake of Nic Cage

A big bad movie, because a drinking game my friends and I once played got us so belligerent while watching it that I almost got evicted from my house. The rules include “Drink every time Nic Cage makes a noise,” “Drink every time Nic Cage makes unreasonable demands,” and, which will never get over my liver, “Drink every time Nic Cage intends to harm him (this includes people). .)

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Rightfully so, become memes: Cage’s overdramatic line “How burned?”; His dying lament is “Not a bee!”; And, of course, the scene where he punches a woman in the face

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