Tips Sewing Made Easy Unleash Your Fashion Skills

Tips Sewing Made Easy Unleash Your Fashion Skills – Have you ever admired a friend who came to dinner in a handmade dress? Have you ever seen the most incredible pair of pants in a store window, only to find out they don’t make them in your size? Have you browsed the design marketplace on Spoonflower, ever dreamed of creating a one-of-a-kind t-shirt with your favorite surface patterns?

Making your own clothes may seem like a distant dream, but if you take it slow and are willing to learn, it can be very easy! With a little 7th grade home EC classroom experience, a budget sewing machine, texting with more sewing savvy friends, and a lot of internet searching, I dove into the exciting world of making a custom dress two years ago to celebrate Me Made May. .

Tips Sewing Made Easy Unleash Your Fashion Skills

My first project, the Stasia Dress – If you make your own, you can make sure every dress you make has a pocket!

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I began this initial sewing experience with great trepidation, but quickly learned that every mistake can be reversed or corrected (sometimes quite literally!). My skills have leveled off with each project since then, and while there have been frustrating moments, I’ve found great joy in the process.

If you’re interested in revamping some of your wardrobe but struggling to know where to start, I’m here today to share some of the basics I’ve learned along the way. I hope to capture this experience and encourage you to take the exciting first steps to making your own clothes!

Both Singer and Brother make entry-level machines that work well for sewing a variety of projects. Brother cs6000i model is very popular among Spoonflower staff. It’s beginner-friendly and will still be a good fit as you improve and grow.

Want to make sure you know the difference between your tension adjuster and stitch width adjuster? Or want to know more about what they do? Check out our Sewing Machine Anatomy Diagram to learn the language!

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Now that your car is ready to go, what should you build first? With our raglan tee tutorial, you can get a feel for your machine by hemming a pair of pants or refurbishing a precious shirt, or jump right in and learn how to make your own from scratch.

Two of my favorite places to look for sewing patterns suitable for beginners are Mint magazine and Sewing. Our friends at Peppermint Magazine’s Sewing School pay what you want and release a new one every three months! In addition, Seamwork’s Pattern Library has over 200 patterns to choose from. You can start with a beginner-friendly and free sample like Sorbetto and then sign up for a monthly membership to tackle more complex wardrobe additions as you grow and as you like. Seamwork also has a handy help section and clear instructions so it’s easy to learn as you go.

If you have access to a printer, you can easily print out the downloadable PDF patterns at home and put them together using scissors and tape. You can also explore options such as PDF Plotting to order a printout of the entire pattern on a single sheet.

Spoonflower has 23 fabric types and numbers, so our sample pack is a great place to get an idea of ​​all the offerings. The sewing pattern instructions will tell you exactly how much fabric is needed for the version you plan to make in the fabric requirements section. Your sewing pattern will often recommend different substrates (types of fabric) that work best. Here are some of our posts to help you choose the perfect fabric for a variety of projects:

How To Service Your Sewing Machine Yourself: A Tutorial

Needle and thread – This will vary depending on your fabric choice, but our help center will help you decide!

Seam ripper – We all make mistakes, especially when first starting out, but a careful seam ripper will help undo any rogue stitching.

Fabric Scissors or Rotary Knife – A pair of tools designed specifically for (and used only for) fabric is an essential addition to your tool kit.

Iron – Aside from your sewing machine, your iron will be your best sewing friend! Pressing your seams will make sewing easier while ensuring accuracy and a polished finish.

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Pins or Sewing Clips – Pins are used to connect pieces of fabric and hold them together for sewing to get the right fit and precision. Sewing clips are a nice alternative.

Bonus: As your projects become more complex, your sewing pattern may require additional elements such as bias tape, buttons, and elastic. YouTube is a great resource for you to watch the game to up your sewing game with new additions and skills.

It’s a good idea to take the time to read all the instructions when you’ve chosen a sewing pattern to start with. Google and YouTube are your friends when you are researching any terminology or technique that is new to you. To get you started, here are 10 terms I find useful to know as I begin my sewing journey. My top 10 list is just a start, but as you continue to create, your personal sewing vocabulary will naturally expand as you learn.

I hope that after reading my tips, you feel empowered to start creating your own wardrobe! It’s a great feeling to have clothes in your closet that are made just for you. Whatever your reason for wanting to sew your own dress, it’s something anyone can do with a little time and helpful tutorials.

Fashion Design For Kids: Skill Building Activities For Future Fashion Designers: Quigley, Kerri: 9781648760228: Books

Don’t forget to share your creations on Instagram using the hashtag #spoonflowerapparel. We’d love to see what you create!

Consider entering a sewing challenge like Me Made May. Learning with others is also beneficial, so try sewing with a friend to share your triumphs and frustrations.

Amy is a former Manager of the Brand Marketing team at Spoonflower. Some of his favorite works are documentaries, minor league baseball, reels, Chicago style hot dogs and cut paper collages. Her DIY heroes include both Martha Stewart and Amy Sedaris. She enjoys gardening, adding to her Spoonflower store, doing simple home improvement projects with her husband Graham, and playing with her spotted dog Stella.

We use cookies to enable and improve your site experience. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our use of cookies. Learn More Get It Sewing books are a fantastic resource for us makers, sitting happily on our shelves until the time is right. I often take them down when I don’t know what to do and take a look for inspiration. They also make great gifts…we all know what’s coming soon!

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We thought it might be helpful to have a list of the best sewing books on the market so you can read at your leisure and pick your favorite. Whatever your sewing level, there’s a book for you here, and we hope you’ll find something you love. We’ve included books where you’ve made the patterns yourself, as well as included the patterns. There are also some fantastic sourcebooks for the sewing enthusiasts among us.

If you have someone who is fairly new to sewing, the Tilly and the Buttons book is a must. All the patterns are included in the books and they are designed for beginners. His books have really clear instructions and guide you through simple projects. Simplify is her newest book and is designed to make sewing for the underprivileged. Simple projects tell you how long it will take and include some great patterns. The second book, Stretch, is ideal for those wanting to sew with knit/jersey fabrics. Her first book, Love at First Stitch, comes with simple patterns with a 60s feel to the shapes.

Brought to you by the dynamic duo who own the indie model company Named Clothing. These fantastic books come with x10 stitch patterns and variations on each. They are known for their simple paired back aesthetic and this book is no exception. There are projects from the confident beginner to the more advanced. If you want to see a bit more and inside the book, then we reviewed it when it was published.

Frances, who runs the amazing indie model company The Makers Atelier, created this fantastic book. There are eight patterns in the book, but there are 30 different styles you can make with variations. All designs reflect its simple paired-back aesthetic. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed! If you want to see a little more, we reviewed a book about it when it was published.

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If anyone loves pattern cutting or wants to learn more, this is the MOST fantastic book. Written by fashion designer Karolyn Kiisel, this book aims to teach you everything you need to know about making your own patterns on the stand. It is quite expensive, but once you open it

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