Best Animated Movies For 4 Year Olds

Best Animated Movies For 4 Year Olds – Inspired by Mexico’s Day of the Dead, this lively Disney/Pixar film won not one but two Oscars, for Best Animated Feature and Best Song in 2017. Miguel is a young boy forbidden by his many relatives to play music , but he longs to be a musician. Magically transported to the land of the dead, he learns about his family and its enduring love and traditions through various adventures. Prepare yourself because you will cry during this movie – a lot! Rated: PG Common Sense Media: Ages 7+

There isn’t much dialogue, especially in the first half of this Pixar movie, but kids will still be captivated. Wall-E (which stands for waste allocation load lifter Earth-class) is the last robot on Earth. His main job is to collect remnants of garbage from a bygone era, but he discovers a new passion when he meets a female robot named EVE. They go on an exciting galactic adventure that leaves children with an important message about preserving our Earth.

Best Animated Movies For 4 Year Olds

How could the film that has captivated all youngsters not make our list? Anna and Elsa, voiced by Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel, are sisters and total opposites. First, Elsa is a snow queen who is cursed to turn anyone and anything into ice. She hides away from the world, while the outgoing Anna longs to meet new people and open the doors to their mostly closed kingdom of Arendelle. When Elsa freezes Arendelle, she flees to the mountains. Anna goes after her with a quirky and loyal crew consisting of crazy snowman Olaf, mountaineer Kristoff and a lovable reindeer. Be warned: every song will get stuck in your head. Rated: PG Common Sense Media: Ages 5+

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Tells the story of a sweet young woman who falls in love with a prince. But there are also lively mouse friends, a bumbling hero dog, a fairy godmother, beautiful songs and an evil stepmother, all of which will enchant you. Children will love watching the birds and mice make Cinderella’s dress for the ball, and later when the animals come to rescue Cinderella from the attic before the prince’s footman leaves without trying on the glass slipper.

In this Disney film, we go under the sea, where a young mermaid named Ariel longs to become human after falling in love with a prince. So Ariel makes a deal with the evil sea witch Ursula. In exchange for Ariel’s melodious singing voice, Ursula gives her legs so she can find true love on land. This movie is filled with incredible songs and features an amazing cast of characters, including Ariel’s friend Flounder the tropical fish and Sebastian the Crab.

A vengeful spirit is after young Kubo. As he tries to escape it, he meets Monkey (Charlize Theron) and Beetle (Matthew McConaughey), and together they help him finally unlock the secrets of his past – and reveal the true story of his legendary samurai father. Along the way, he will have to use his magical two-stringed instrument as he battles monsters and spirits.

Mumble (voiced by Elijah Wood) is a young emperor penguin with a sweet life in Antarctica, but he has a problem. While all the other penguins can woo a mate with their melodious singing voices, Mumble can’t hold a tune. Into his happy feet. Kids will love watching him tap-dance his way to love and acceptance.

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Adventure is a must-watch. Mandy Moore voices the sassy, ​​smart princess who longs to leave her boring life in the tower. Escaping with an outlaw named Flynn Rider, she finally learns the truth about her real family, what she’s capable of, and that her strength has no limits, with or without her beautiful hair. A fierce girl-power story for all ages!

Film introduces children to young Andy and his beloved toys. There’s a fun T-Rex, Sheriff Woody and a wiener dog, Slinky (just to name a few). When Andy receives a fancy new toy for his birthday in the form of the spaceman Buzz Lightyear, Woody – Andy’s former favorite toy – gets a little jealous. Later, the toys must team up to save Buzz and stick with Andy when his family moves to a new house.

In 1958 Japan, a young girl named Satsuki (voiced by Dakota Fanning) and her family move to the countryside because her mother is ill. In the new home, magical creatures reveal themselves and lead Satsuki to a forest filled with more fantastical excitement. A giant rabbit-like animal named Totoro is the “guardian of the forest” and he helps her as she navigates a world of change and adjusts to her new surroundings and life.

Based on the timeless book by J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan is a movie made for kids who never want to grow up. One night, Pan flies into the Darling family flat in London, where Wendy and her two brothers live. He and his fairy friend, Tinkerbell, take the children back to Neverland, a place where children never have to grow up. Here they meet mermaids, The Lost Boys, Princess Tiger Lily – oh, and they must conquer Captain Hook.

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All your children’s favorite ponies trot their way through this charmer. Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Rarity set out to quell a dark force trying to take over Ponyville. On their way to stop the power-hungry Storm King (played by a fabulously mischievous Liev Schreiber), they learn what it means to be true friends.

With a brilliant score by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Moana takes children on an epic journey and teaches them an important lesson about self-reliance and honoring one’s identity. Moana is a teenager itching to see what lies beyond her native island and worried about the survival of her people. On a daring mission, she meets the demigod Maui (Dwayne Johnson), a very greedy crab and a host of other creatures.

The young lion cub Simba wants to follow in the footsteps of his king-of-the-jungle father (cuesang). But when his father dies in a stampede, Simba must fight his evil uncle Scar and take back his rightful kingdom. Unforgettable characters such as Timon the meerkat and Pumbaa the warthog will delight the whole family – and who can forget the feel-good song “Hakuna Matata”? It is truly a wonderful thing.

Loveable and naive, Nemo is a young clownfish who longs to explore the world outside his homely shell. When he swims too far from his father, Marlin, and is caught by a diver, Marlin must embark on a desperate search to find his son. Meanwhile, Nemo must dodge a shark and other dangers. He also meets a humorous – and lovable – blue fish named Dory (voiced by Ellen DeGeneres), who suffers from short-term memory loss.

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Riley is 11 years old and enjoying life as a Midwesterner when she finds out her parents are moving the whole family across the country. Look at the emotions! Riley is struggling with the massive change, and suddenly it’s Anger, Fear, and Loathing who call the shots, while Joy and Sadness try to help her get to the other side of this mega-transition. It’s a powerful film and can be a tearjerker for more sensitive kids (OK, and adults too).

Remy is a Parisian rat who loves to eat. But unlike other rats in his pack, he doesn’t just eat anything. He is picky about his food and dreams of becoming a famous chef. Luckily for him, he ends up in a sewer directly under one of the City of Light’s top-rated restaurants. Here he meets Alfredo and as a team they both begin to realize their aspirations.

Emmet is a generic Lego character who always does what he’s told. One day, he is mistaken for a “special” Lego and ends up on the adventure of a lifetime – and a quest to thwart an evil tyrant’s (voiced by Will Ferrell) plan to rule the world. Laugh-out-loud jokes (some apparently aimed at adults) make this a good family watch. And of course there’s that song, “Everything is Awesome!”

Judy Hopps is the first rabbit to become a police officer in Zootopia, a city filled with all kinds of animals. When a new case hits her desk and she needs the help of sneaky fox Nick Wilde, things get interesting and at turns very funny. Characters like a sloth who works at the desk of the city’s Department of Motor Vehicles and a notorious crime boss hottie will make you and your kids laugh yourselves silly.

Best Animated Movies — Animated Movies For The Family

Puss in Boots is probably best known from his turn in Shrek, but here he gets his own adorable feature film and he shines (and makes you want to run to the nearest pet store and find an orange tabby to take home!). Together with Humpty Dumpty and Kitty Softpaws – whom he meets after a cat dance – Puss goes on a mission to steal a goose that lays golden eggs.

Aladdin steals food so he and his monkey companion, Abu, can survive. One day he discovers a magic lamp, and when a genie (voiced by the amazing Robin Williams) appears and offers him three wishes, his life is forever changed. Some might say it is a whole

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