How To Be Friends With An Ex Girlfriend

How To Be Friends With An Ex Girlfriend – Telling your ex-girlfriend that you and she should be “just friends” from now on is a great way to stay in her life, so you can then re-attract her sexually and romantically.

However, if you only act like a “friend” to her (i.e. neutral, nice, helpful, nice) and don’t focus on sexual attraction (i.e. flirting with her, be a challenge, make her feel feminine in relation to your masculinity), then you’ll almost certainly stay in the friend zone and she’ll move on with a new guy who focuses on her sexual attraction.

How To Be Friends With An Ex Girlfriend

So if you and your ex are going to be “friends” now and you want her back, then you have to use “friendship” to re-attract her sexually and romantically.

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To help you understand why, here are 5 reasons why you can’t just be “friends” with your ex girlfriend if you want her back:

Wouldn’t it be great if being a nice, friendly guy was what made a woman feel horny and want to stay with him for life?

If that was how life worked, all the nice guys would date beautiful women and the bad guys would be single and lonely.

Although a woman generally appreciates the good things in a man (e.g. he’s nice to her, he’s reliable, he gets along well with family and friends, he’s stable), it takes more than kindness and friendship so that she continues to be interested in him in a sexual and romantic way.

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She might love him and care about him as a person, but without that special spark of sexual attraction, the relationship will feel more like a good friendship than a lust-filled romance.

Of course, from the guy’s point of view, he will feel the spark and the lust even if the woman is only nice to him.

Women get turned on by guys who are a challenge (i.e. she has to impress him, try hard to keep up his efforts, earn more of his love) and they get very bored with guys which offer no challenge.

Yet for a man he doesn’t need a woman to be a challenge and in many cases he will assume that guys who are a challenge are just playing stupid mind games.

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Yet women can’t help but feel drawn to what they might see as the “bad” side of men (i.e. making a woman feel the need to impress her, behave sometimes in a masculine way when interacting with her to make her feel feminine and girly, playfully teasing her to keep her off balance, making her nervous (in a good way), not chasing her when she’s in a bad mood , not supporting her temper tantrums and instead, putting her in her place in a dominant, but loving way).

We can’t help but feel more attracted to thin or slender women and less attracted to overweight women.

“Men should want women for what they are on the inside, not what they look like on the outside”

We cannot ignore the fact that thin or thin women are more attractive than overweight or obese women.

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Likewise, with women, they just can’t feel turned on (in the long run) by a guy who’s just nice to them.

This is why many women reject nice guys out of hand, because they know how boring the relationship will end up being.

So if a guy wants his ex girlfriend back, he needs to understand that just being a kind and helpful friend who’s there for her isn’t going to make him want him back, especially if she can sense he’s would. still make the same kind of relationship mistakes that led to the breakup (for example, he still lacks confidence, he doesn’t know how to be respected or wanted by him, he can’t handle his temper tantrums or his moods and don’t know how to make her a nice girl to him).

If a guy is trying to get his ex girlfriend back and is just a good friend to her, then she’ll still be a normal human being who sometimes feels horny and wants to have sex, or at least kiss a guy.

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If she doesn’t feel that desire with her ex, then she will push herself to interact with new men and if she feels a sexual spark with them, she will open up to dating and having sex with them, rather than returning. to an ex for whom she no longer feels anything or anything.

That’s why, if your intention is to get your ex back, just being nice and friendly with her won’t be enough.

If you’re just kind, friendly, and “there” for her, then you’re almost certainly going to end up in the friend zone.

However, you also need to step up your game by getting her to feel real sparks of sexual attraction to you again.

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If you don’t and she just thinks of you as a friend, she may just decide to keep you as a friend while she secretly moves on behind your back.

Another reason why you can’t just be friends with your ex girlfriend if you want her back is…

2. Just being her friend can make her assume you don’t look at her in a sexual way anymore.

After a breakup, a man often dates his ex-girlfriend, but is only nice and neutral with a friend, coworker, or older brother.

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He rarely (if ever) flirts with her or uses bold or uplifting humor to elicit her sexual feelings for him.

Secretly, he hopes that she will eventually realize how good he is (for treating her so well after the breakup) and then want to get back together with him, because no one will ever treat her as well as he does.

Still, while a woman may feel relieved that the breakup went well and they’re not angry exes who hate each other, her behavior may cause her to assume that everything they had together is now over. (i.e. there is no spark anymore, they don’t seem to want her sexually, they are more like siblings, co-workers or good friends).

As a result, she focuses on completely extinguishing her feelings for him and begins to open up to new men (who want her sexually), so that she can move on and move on with her love life.

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“Huh? Why didn’t you let me know sooner? I assumed you just wanted to be friends, so I started moving on. You should have done something to let me know how you are doing. felt earlier. It’s too late now. Sorry. I’m already dating a new guy and I’m happy. I’m sure you’ll find someone else too.

If she didn’t tell him she was dating a new guy, then he might feel hurt, betrayed, and wonder what was wrong.

A woman will naturally feel horny and want sex, or want to be romantically in love and if she doesn’t get it from her “friendship” with her ex, she will get it from a new man instead.

So if you don’t want your ex to move on because she assumes you only want to be her friend, then make sure you’re not pretending to be an innocent friend who doesn’t care. to her in a sexual or romantic way. .

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Stimulate her feelings of respect and attraction to you again (i.e. flirting with her, creating sexual tension, being a challenge, making her feel feminine in relation to your masculinity) and when you do, the relationship will naturally mend, or you will at least start sleeping together again and be able to carry on from there.

When a man breaks up with a woman and only acts like a platonic friend to her (i.e. a friend who doesn’t want her sexually or romantically), he can’t expect she remains faithful to him and does not date other men.

Ultimately, she’s an individual and has the freedom to do whatever she wants with other men now that she’s not in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship with you.

She is also human and will naturally feel horny, or want to pursue a romance so that she can evolve into a real relationship which can lead to engagement, marriage and then family.

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It’s a natural desire that women have and it doesn’t stop just because an ex is a good friend to her.

If you’re just acting like a friend and you get mad, seem upset, or try to guilt her if she starts sleeping with new guys, she might say something like,

“It’s none of your business who I date or who I decide to sleep with. You’re not my boyfriend anymore, so you don’t have a say in what I do anymore.

She might then decide that staying friends with you is a bad idea right now, so she’ll ask for space or shut you out of her life.

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So if you want her back, don’t pretend

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