100 Top Comedy Movies Of All Time

100 Top Comedy Movies Of All Time – Top 100 Comedy Movie Posters – Best Comedy Cinema List – Comedy Movie Ranking – Movie Challenge List

TOP 100 COMEDIES – after examining several reviews, we created our rating of the most noteworthy comedies in our opinion. A hundred films that will summon a sea of ​​positive emotions and laughter. Below each film is the director, year and country of origin

100 Top Comedy Movies Of All Time

DETAILED AND COLORFUL ICONS – after watching the movie, you will enjoy opening the icon and understanding how it is related to it

The 100 Best Movies Of All Time: The Ultimate Must Watch Films

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The poster is sure to trigger positive emotions in the one you give it to, or in you if you buy it for yourself, so boldly click the “Add to Cart” button and get your comedy scratch off poster as soon as possible! Modern comedies seem to be more raunchy than ever. The kind of gross-out humor found in movies like Bridesmaids and Neighbors is catalog and gleefully R-rated. But there’s a big difference between flaunting all your bodily fluids and breaking social and moral taboos. Today’s comedies are kind of breaking down barriers, but movies from the 70s and 80s often told jokes that are much more shocking and offensive now, mostly because they didn’t seem so offensive at the time. Our list below of 30 Comedies You Could Never Make Today, listed chronologically, includes plenty of offenders.

In the mid-1970s, Mel Brooks shook up the state of Hollywood comedies with Blazing Saddles, a wild parody of the Western genre. If there was any doubt that this movie couldn’t be made today, the opening post-credits scene in which the n-word is carelessly thrown around should confirm it. Blazing Saddles is well-known for its iconic but gritty sequence where a group of cowboys sit around a campfire and let out a bunch of farts, but it also has scenes where outlaws are hired based on how bad their crimes were. (When the main villain points out that one thug has listed “rape” twice in his, uh, qualifications, the thug nonchalantly replies, “I like rape.”) As often as clever as the script (credited in part to Richard Pryor), it’s none other than himself Brooks admitted to Variety that the film could never be made today: “We’ve become stupidly politically correct, which is the death of comedy.” Whether or not that last point is true, he’s right about one thing: That movie doesn’t exist now.

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Kids and raunchy humor don’t automatically go together, but they can still find their way into the mainstream. Consider the Seth Rogen-produced sex farce Good Boys, about high school boys trying to hook up with girls their own age. In a way, movies like The Good Guys only exist because of the success of Bad News Bears. At first glance, it’s an understated sports movie about a Little League team coached by a washed-up former minor league player. But when the word “bad” is used in the title, it means bad. There’s a lot of foul language, rampant nastiness from parents and other kids, and a climax that ends with the kids spraying each other with beer. The 1970s were just very Although the film was remade in 2005 by director Richard Linklater, starring Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa mode, it’s undeniably a lot less button-pushing than its predecessor.

Much of the comedy-thriller Silver Streak is an enjoyable film in the vein of Alfred Hitchcock: an innocent man who takes a cross-country train trip on business is suspected of being a murderer and must fight to clear his name before the train arrives. in Chicago. George Caldwell (Gene Wilder) is the wrong man at the wrong time, but he refuses to give up, even after he is kicked off a train mid-journey. At one point, he finds himself at a police station in a small town and has to escape the clutches of a stupid cop and take a police car for himself. Once there, he discovers a prisoner in the back seat, Grover Muldoon (Richard Pryor), who is happy to help George if it means he too will be free. But to help, he must get George back on the train without anyone identifying him. The only solution: dress George in black and dress him as a stereotypical young black man from the mid-70s dancing to funk and soul music with a boombox. Black humor is inherently terrifying to watch in the 21st century; that’s probably one of the reasons why this scene is still funny. George never ceases to be extremely uncool and even more unconvincing in makeup. While a movie like Silver Streak could generally work today, George would have to find a new way to get back on the train.

The world of hockey is intense and violent, and has been for a long time. Fans come to the game hoping to watch a brawl or two break out between all the hits. Fighting, and lots of it, is at the heart of the 1977 hockey comedy Slap Shot, a film starring Paul Newman at the height of his fame, about a bad minor league team that plays rough to win. It’s not that violence in the sport is shocking to see in the 21st century – hockey is still the national sport in North America, and there’s still plenty of gore. But a lot of the language in the film is pretty bluesy, and often in ways that would denigrate members of the LGBTQ community today. He’s as verbally abusive as he is physically, in ways that wouldn’t work now, though it’s still accurate (or accurate enough) to the way hockey players still communicate.

Like many raunchy comedies, Animal House is the kind of movie that not only flouts cultural norms, but does so with glee and thoughtfulness. This is the quintessential comedy Snobs Vs. Slobs starring the late John Belush as the laziest of them all, Bluto. This movie features everything from manic food fights to sexual escapades (such as sleazy Dean Wormer’s wife sleeping around with one of the good guy characters), and a dash of racial stereotyping for flavor. (Richard Pryor was asked to watch a scene in which some white characters end up in an all-black nightclub, based on the director’s fear that blacks would protest in theaters.) Animal House doesn’t just feel like some kind of comedy that’s we couldn’t do it today; it feels like a comedy that could only be made in a very specific time period.

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“I was born a poor black kid,” Navin R. Johnson drawls in the opening moments of the 1979 comedy The Jerk , if you need any brief explanation as to why this movie could never have been made in the 21st century. Given that Navin, played by Steve Martin (who co-wrote the film), is white as he is, the racial divide and exploration here is deliberately wild and oppressive. Navin’s story forms the Jerk as a well-intentioned fool in this wildly successful comedy from director and comedy legend Carl Reiner. Martin’s wild and crazy boy streak translates well on the big screen, but the way Navin interacts with his adoptive black family wings is controversial to begin with, let alone now. It’s a joke, of course, but it’s the kind of nuanced humor that would probably fall flat on some audiences right now.

Comedy can be dangerous, and when that comedy is about religion, the levels of danger are heightened. So it’s no surprise that as early as 1979, Monty Python’s Life of Brian sparked intense protests and outrage around the world. His satirical take on the story of Jesus Christ – focusing on a baby born in a neighboring manger and how he eventually becomes the future messiah – is one of the funniest works from a British comedy group. But her relentless disregard for religious norms

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