Top 10 Classic Sneakers Of All Time

Top 10 Classic Sneakers Of All Time – Not all sneakers are created equal. You know this. We know this. Depending on what you’ve got on your feet at the moment, there’s a big chance that a couple won’t pass the test of time. Especially as we continue to fight through the last of the badass sneaker trend. Balenciaga, we see you.

When we think of the best sneakers, we think of classic sneakers. Some people like to think of the best sneakers of all time as a descending list. The Reebok Pump definitely changed the trend, we know, cool, but can you revisit them now?

Top 10 Classic Sneakers Of All Time

Hopefully not. Instead ours is a series of classic sneakers that have stood the test of time and continue to appear in the fashion cycle. From the timeless streetwear of the Nike Air Max 1 to the modern classic that is the minimalistic Achilles Low. These are the ten best modern sneakers of all time.

Classic Sneakers That Should Be In Any Collection

It’s funny how things turn out. Not an original Air Force name. Launched in 1982, it was discontinued in 1984. It was re-released in 1986 with a new Nike swoosh and a design that has not been touched since then. The Nike Air Force 1 is a true classic that has already seen 1,700 colorways in its lifetime. It’s easy to forget they are meant to be street-minded basketball geniuses. A solid, solid selection of white sneakers is also available in low, medium and large sizes. They are one of the best sneakers ever made and they haven’t gone out of style since their inception for a reason.

Arguably the best sneaker of them all? We will leave this information to marinate for a little while. Originally the first basketball shoe of the 20th century (we owe a lot to that game, don’t we), Converse’s classic Chuck Taylor has evolved into the cultural shoe of choice thanks to famous wearers including James Dean, Andy Warhol and Kurt Cobain. Wearing two, especially with more formal equipment, is still a statement. Avoid looking too

Similar to Converse, Vans has always enjoyed an unconventional place in men’s fashion. With California roots and a business model built on skateboarding, the brand was inspired by similar silhouettes in other brands like Keds, but differentiated by a thicker sole. The Old Skool was launched in 1977 and was the first to incorporate the current edge. The sneaker remains popular to this day, with collaborative releases with the likes of Marc Jacobs and Supreme.

If you’re not familiar with the shoe, you could be forgiven for not knowing who Stan Smith is. Former world champion one and two times (especially Wimbledon in 1972), his collaboration with Adidas in 1978 will continue to place him in the history of classics. This sneaker, despite not being suitable for tennis these days, was a sight to behold. A simple white sneaker, a little bigger than most with a splash of color on the back. It always lends itself well to a tailor, timeless to its essence.

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Tinker Hatfield special. The effectiveness of this air bubble in the middle has been debated (the air is compressive though, as anyone who has ever been out will tell you) but what is not is the modern sneaker’s ability to stay current. Very much at the peak of its power, the Nike Air Max 1 is a sneaker to photograph forever. Unlimited engagement, forever more if Patta is involved and infinitely customizable.

We will install it. A bit controversial. Maybe you prefer Gazelle or Spezial. Hardship. The adidas Samba takes the best of both worlds while not being too bulky and tall. That trademark tan gum sole, soccer ball origins (invented in 1949 to allow players to train on hard-packed surfaces) and a folded tongue make up the sneaker. Of course, we weren’t crazy about the original black and white color scheme but the colors have since grown to show our appreciation.

Everyone knows the story of Puma. Puma is the result of the brotherhood at casa del Adidas. But do they know the story of Clyde? It is a very deep cut. A sneaker with basketball origins, the shoe was launched in 1970/71 and made famous by Walt Frazier’s endorsement of basketball. Clyde was soon adopted by a hip hop group and the rest is history. Welcome to the list.

It’s always important to have a New Balance sneaker on any list. The Boston-based company is still owned by husband-and-wife team (read: power couple) Jim and Anne Davis and minor fashion champions include Steve Jobs and Larry David. The company still manufactures in the US and the UK and the 990 is a timeless sneaker. Comfortable and unique, it’s a shoe that’s dated recently but shows New Balance’s commitment to classic style.

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The Reebok Classic is a sneaker that despite cyclical levels of popularity, never really seems to go away. Basic, in leather or nylon, with a slightly raised silhouette and chunky heel, it does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a classic and countless have copied it since with their athletic sneaker lineup. The sneaker itself will continue to inspire the previous running line and the iconic Pump. For a fun casual sneaker with a little bit of shape, it’s a solid choice. We especially like the black leather version.

We agree that the Common Core is new to the sneaker game compared to some of the others in the series but you can’t underestimate how weak the Achilles is. It’s basically inspired a generation of little white sneakers as it sets the bar very high for how much people will pay to buy a luxury sneaker from the casual sports brand. As effortlessly with shorts and t-shirt as they complete the summer outfit, in the world of sneaker where a prominent brand is important, Common Projects changed the game.

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In the 1820s, the rubber overshoe made its mark. Elizabeth Semmelhack, chief curator of Bata Shoe in Toronto, told Business Insider that they were the beginning of sneaker wear. She wrote in her exhibition “The Rise of Sneaker Culture” that once Westerners became interested in making rubber in Brazil, these shoes began to enter the market.

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Fast forward to the 1890s, and the Goodyear Rubber Company was making shoes for athletes. Semmelhack writes that these shoes are simple, but have a nice air to them. “The attention to detail … reflects the fact that the target customers were very privileged,” she wrote.

There are small details like leather tabs under the lacing that add to the luxury. Courtesy of Bata Shoe Museum

In 1916 the United Rubber Company introduced the first sneaker, the Keds Champion. This style has a look that has withstood the test of time and is still on the market more than 100 years later — with a few upgrades, of course — Semmelhack writes.

The pair seen above is from the early years of the Keds company. Courtesy of Bata Shoe Museum

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In 1917 the Converse Rubber Shoe Company introduced indoor athletic shoes. The white color seen here is called Non Skid, and the brown color – not pictured – is called All Star.

Both colorways have similar features, such as a toe cap, rubber sole, license plate on the heel, and internal ankle patch, Semmelhack wrote. Courtesy of Converse

In 1934, the iconic Converse All Star shoes received a significant upgrade: The name Chuck Taylor was added to the logo. The shoes have received many changes over the years, but Semmelhack writes that this is the most surprising. After all, there are many people today who simply refer to these as “Chucks.”

Pictured here is the Converse 1940 All Star, complete with the Chuck Taylor logo. Courtesy of Converse

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Back in the 1950s, the Adidas Samba was designed to fit inside

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