Top 10 Christmas Movies Of All Time List

Top 10 Christmas Movies Of All Time List – The Christmas season is full of festivities around here which means we watch a lot of children’s Christmas movies! Sometimes it’s a family movie night, other times it’s in the background while we bake and decorate.

While we are busy planning movie marathons, I thought it would be a good time to share some of our favorite family Christmas movies with you.

Top 10 Christmas Movies Of All Time List

I’ve done my best to include movies for all ages on this list of kids’ Christmas movies! Plus, I’m including a printable Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar that you can print if you want to do a family movie night every day through Christmas!

Best Christmas Movies Statistically Speaking

Looking for family movies that are good for young kids? Here are some great kids Christmas movies to watch this holiday season.

Note: some of these older or made-for-TV shows have an NR rating, meaning they are not rated. While I list them as G-rated, you can always check the Common Sense Media website if you want more detailed information about potentially sensitive scenes.

Charlie Brown is a true classic for not only the Christmas season, but holidays throughout the year. This timeless film is sure to get kids into the Christmas spirit! (NR)

Another favorite for families everywhere! This beautiful classic goes back and explains how our favorite Christmas traditions came about in a really fun way. (NR)

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Help your children get their first taste of the classic Christmas carol story. Ebenezer Scrooge, aka Scrooge McDuck, is far too greedy to understand that Christmas is a time for kindness and generosity. With the guidance of some wise ghosts, Goofy and Jiminy Cricket, and a bunch of newfound friends, Scrooge learns to embrace the spirit of the season.(G)

Muppets are here for Christmas! Watch the Muppets retell a Charlie Dickens classic in a way kids are sure to love. (G)

The Santa movies are a real staple of Christmas if you ask me. If you have any non-believers, it might even change their minds as they watch Santa find a wife before time runs out! (G)

Complete the Santa trilogy with the final chapter. Scott Calvin thinks he can get out of the “Santa Clause”, but Jack Frost wreaks havoc and freezes Christmas! Can Scott Christmas in the St. Save Nick from time? (G)

These Are The 20 Best Christmas Movies Ever

This movie is hands down one of the cutest Christmas movies for kids out there. Ignite the Christmas spirit in your home as you watch the Christmas puppies get into big trouble – watch the first movie if you haven’t already! (NR)

In this movie, an 8-year-old girl is convinced that she has found one of Santa’s reindeer – but no one believes her! Kids are sure to get into the Christmas spirit with this one. (G)

We can’t possibly forget this true classic from Rudolph! This warm-hearted classic is a must-watch every year. (NR)

After Rudolph comes Frosty. I used to watch these together growing up. I mean, what’s better than a magical snowman? (NR)

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If you have a little train lover who also loves Christmas, they will love this movie. Watch as a little boy who doubts Santa Claus boards a train bound for the North Pole. This is one of the best children’s Christmas movies. (G)

Mickey and his friends are back for Christmas! Minnie and Mickey recall one unforgettable Christmas. Goofy and Max tell about a visit from the real Santa Claus. Donald’s nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie recall their dream turning into a comical catastrophe. (G)

Noelle is Santa’s daughter and is filled with holiday joy. When she notices that her brother – who is supposed to take over for their father – is stressed, she recommends that he take a break. But then when he doesn’t return, she’s the one who gets into trouble! (G)

Abby’s mother is not feeling the Christmas spirit. On her way to deliver her letter to Santa, Abby meets an angel who helps her mother find happiness in the holiday season. (G)

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This is a beautiful movie of the Pacific Northwest Ballet’s performance of the classic Nutcracker holiday story. (G)

Young Mariash spots a puppy in a pet store and decides that’s what she wants for Christmas. But before she gets her wish, she must prove herself by taking care of her uncle’s dog, Jack. Let the doggy disasters begin! Contains Mariah Carey’s songs and pairs with her storybook. (G)

Dennis can be quite a threat even during the Christmas season. Watch him find the perfect gift for his neighbor Mr. Wilson, try to find. (G)

Celebrate the holidays in the Hundred Acre Wood. Pooh and his friends celebrate Christmas and look forward to making New Year’s resolutions. (G)

Funniest Christmas Movies Of All Time

Everyone loves this movie and for good reason. The Grinch doesn’t particularly like Christmas, but the citizens of Whoville are determined to establish the Christmas spirit no matter what. Kids will love playing it on repeat for Christmas and you can also play the Dr. Seuss book reading! There are two versions of this classic – an animated version and a live action movie with Jim Carrey.

While smaller kids may not have the attention span for this one, it’s one of our favorites. Buddy the Elf is searching for his birth father and helps ignite the magic of Christmas along the way.

Oh, how we love Jack! He had enough of being scary and decided to kidnap Santa Claus and take over his role.

An unsuspecting father discovers he is in line to be the next Santa after accidentally killing the previous one. At first he doesn’t believe it, until he starts gaining weight and grows a white beard.

It’s A Wonderful Life

What if you just SWEAR you saw Santa Claus as a kid? 6-year-old Susan was hesitant until she came across a department store Santa who she believed to be the real thing. You can watch the remake or the B&W original – the original is on Disney+.

This film is sure to make children of all ages giggle! We go back to the first Christmas where talking animals go on a wild adventure. Such a cute Christmas movie for kids!

This modern take on a Dickens classic is a Christmastime delight. A real scrooge is visited by some ghosts who take him on a journey that helps him discover the true meaning of Christmas.

While the traditional Nutcracker is a great story, this reimagined twist is such a fun film to watch. Nutcrackers meet Narnia for some crazy Christmas adventures!

The 25 Best Christmas Movies That Aren’t Technically Christmas Movies

Join fairy godmother-in-training Eleanor on her quest to prove that people still need fairy godmothers! Unfortunately, she chooses a 30-year-old letter from a little girl who is now a single mother. But that doesn’t stop Eleanor from trying to prove that “happily ever after” does exist!

Last minute gifts are never a good idea during Christmas! In this funny film, Arnold Schwarzenegger is looking for a very special gift for his son that he PROMISES to pick up but forgets until the last minute.

This Netflix original is a heartwarming film about a not-so-great postman who teams up with a reclusive toymaker to bring joy to an arctic town.

Home Alone movies are some true classics for all families. In this film, we look at the wild adventures he gets into after his family leaves him behind when they go to Paris for the holidays.

Best Animated Christmas Movies Streaming Now On Hulu

Children of all ages will surely relate to this story. Ralphy is set on a specific toy he wants for Christmas, but when everyone says no, he goes on some wild adventures full of trouble!

A college student is promised his Dad’s Porsche if he makes it home for Christmas. Simple enough, right? Well, everything went according to plan until he ended up in the middle of nowhere dressed in a Santa suit! Now he’s on a wild adventure as he tries to get home.

This spunky family is DRESSED for Christmas this year. They choose to strike out and go on vacation instead. But a few things don’t go exactly according to plan. A fantastic film for the whole family.

Cutest. Movie. Ever. Santa’s youngest son Arthur goes on an adventure when a child is forgotten to make SURE she still believes in Santa.

The Best And Worst Of Christmas Movies

This Netflix original movie tells the story of a betrayed toymaker who finds new joy when his curious granddaughter enters his life.

Santa falls with his sleigh and must enlist the help of a father and son to find his reindeer and save Christmas.

This movie is a prequel to A Christmas Carol and tells the story of Charles Dickens who is desperate for success after three failed novels. Then his imagination is fired and Scrooge appears!

An old-time Christmas classic, George Bailey is done with life. Until an angel walks in and shows him how important he is to his town and his family.

Best Funny Christmas Movies To Stream During The Holidays [2022]

Jack is an absentee father and husband who unfortunately dies before he can change his priorities. But one winter day his son plays his father’s harmonica and Jack is brought back to life as a snowman and makes up for lost time with his son.

Two mischievous siblings

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