Top 10 Christmas Comedy Movies All Time

Top 10 Christmas Comedy Movies All Time – Holiday movies come in many genres and varieties of catharsis. Thanksgiving movies kick off the holiday spirit, and the best classic Christmas movies tap into the nostalgia we crave. But sometimes all we really want is for our tummies to shake like bowls full of jello, so here are the best funny Christmas movies. It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen them all a million times or you’re just discovering a few. scroll, we invite you to start the holiday season with the most entertaining movie marathons.

Tim Allen, the official unofficial king of Christmas, dons a big man’s belly and plays Scott Calvin, a workaholic toy salesman who prepares to take his job to the North Pole. One Christmas Eve, when Santa Claus falls from the roof, Scott is magically assigned to perform the seasonal duties of a man, and so the adventure and cookie eating begins. Watch now

Top 10 Christmas Comedy Movies All Time

If Arnold Schwarzenegger lists all seven of Santa’s reindeer while running through snowy streets and dodging his rival Turbo Man enthusiast, played by Sinbad, it’s not funny, give us coal this Christmas. A little silly, but the playful humor, Phil Hartman’s quality comedy, and the twist ending in this wonderful holiday movie are worth every smile and giggle. Watch now

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A holiday movie you may have missed but should definitely check out is 2014’s British refugee comedy

. It stars Jim Broadbent as a bearded man who ends up in prison after crashing his sleigh and trying to retrieve reindeer, while Rafe Spall and Kit Connor play a father-son duo trying to reunite Santa Claus with his myth and, of course, save Christmas . Watch now

They did it again. The McCalisters slept in and almost missed their flight to spend Christmas vacation somewhere other than snowy Chicago. But it happens, the family goes to Miami, and Kevin is not left at home; he hops on another flight and slides into the hijinks—and the Wet Bandit cat burglars—that await him in New York. Watch now

Special based on the classic Dr. Seuss story, reached television screens in 1966. and every year since. And it’s a must watch. But for laughs, turn to Ron Howard’s reimagined holiday gem starring Jim Carrey. Always over-acting (love it or hate it), the comedian steps into obscure shoes to liven up a children’s fairy tale and actually delivers one of his best comedic performances. Watch now

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It might be a little dated, but Jim Varney laughs in this 1988. in a gem, as the titular character of the franchise, Ernest P. Worrell, is a gift of nostalgia. The film follows a familiar plot line – Ernest must help Santa find his successor and in turn save Christmas for everyone – but you might just be surprised how much joy you get out of it. Watch now

), then you’re probably familiar with the filmmaker’s penchant for jokes and comedies of manners. This quirky ’90s cult classic about a group of bougie Manhattanites who chat their way through the holidays is no different. Watch now

Even though Shane Black’s crime comedy centers around a con man posing as an actor, there are still enough Santa hats and Christmas trees to make the film a seasonal watch. The cheeky laugh comes from everyone’s favorite comeback kid: Robert Downey Jr. Watch now

If the premise of a perfect housewife being put to the test over the course of one Christmas seems a little dated, that’s because it is. Peter Godfrey’s classic, starring Barbara Stanwyck, was made in 1945. Throw in an affair and babies, though, and you forget the word “housewife.” Watch now

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, because no holiday is complete without a 1940s Bob Clark family sitcom. The holiday tale of a kid who spends the season rattling off to anyone who’ll listen that he wants a Red Ryder BB gun from Santa, it’s a gift that keeps on laughing. Watch now

Surprisingly, it is based on a novel by John Grisham. Not surprising? Tim Allen brings the comedy front. This adaptation of Chris Columbus’ script is more sly than biting, with a ba-humbug couple (Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis) swearing off Christmas and all that the holiday entails in order to go on a cruise. Watch now

Yes, Richard Curtis’ film about a British ensemble (documenting the love, loss and loved ones of eight couples in London in the month before Christmas) is one of the most heartfelt expressions of the holiday spirit. But actually, it’s also one of the funniest. Case in point: Bill Nighy as a loose aging rocker. Watch now

It’s been nearly 30 years since the McCallisters left their eight-year-old son alone for Christmas, but the laugh-out-loud fun of Macaulay Culkin’s Kevin and a pair of burglars (Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern) keeps us laughing harder with each holiday. . Watch now

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Jason Bateman, Olivia Munn, Jennifer Aniston, Kate McKinnon and many more familiar faces celebrate a merry Christmas in this wild ride from

Directors. Josh Gordon and Will Speck’s comedy about an office holiday party that gets out of hand involves booze, drugs and DJ Kool. Watch now

Much of Michael Dougherty’s fantasy dialogue falls into the “Funny because it’s true” category. Yes, technically

Is rooted in Central European folklore about a horned demon who punishes bad behavior, but is associated with family dysfunction and a general disdain for those? Well, it’s a universal theme. Watch now

Best Christmas Movies On Netflix 2022

. But what can’t be denied: Jingle Bell Rock is an iconic moment in Christmas cinema. And you never need an excuse to watch this Tina Fey/Mark Waters mashup. Watch now

Jon Favreau’s holiday hit about a male elf who loves warm hugs, maple syrup and ABC gum has become a classic after its second release. If you don’t laugh out loud at Will Farrell’s antics, you might just be a cottonmouth. Watch now

Real-life costars Ryan Reynolds and Anna Faris are the non-existent comedy troupe we’d love to take on tour. Her timing and his swagger go together like Dusty Dinkleman and a silly tune. Watch now

“It was the night before Christmas, and in the whole TV studio, not one creature got anything but a towel. Bill Murray survives three supernatural visitations in Richard Donner’s 1980s Vacation, making the classic Dickens story stand strong. Watch now

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Everyone has some version of Aunt Bethany, bless her. Watch her and a bunch of wacky Griswolds come out of the woodwork and RV parked in the driveway to celebrate the holidays and just

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Affordable Summer Dresses Affordable Now The Best Wedding Jumpsuits You Can Buy Now. Michelle Obama’s Best Ever Looks in Stylish Accessories to Celebrate Early 4/20 The Christmas season is here full of festivities, which means we’re watching a lot of kids’ Christmas movies! Sometimes it’s family movie night, sometimes it’s in the background while we bake and decorate.

While we’re planning our movie marathons, I thought it would be a great time to share some of our favorite family Christmas movies with you.

I’ve done my best to include movies for all ages in this list of Christmas movies for kids! Also, I am including a printable Christmas Advent Calendar that you can print out if you want to host a family movie night every day leading up to Christmas!

Looking for family movies suitable for young children? Here are some great Christmas movies for kids to watch this holiday season.

The 100 Best Movies Of All Time: Critics’ Picks

Note: Some of these older or TV shows have an NR rating, which means they are not rated. Although I’m listing them as G-rated, you can always check the Common Sense Media website for more details on potential sensitive scenes.

Charlie Brown is a true classic not just for the Christmas season, but for the holidays all year round. This timeless movie is sure to get kids in the Christmas spirit! (NR)

Another favorite for all families! This charming classic goes back in time to explain how our favorite Christmas traditions came about in a very fun way. (NR)

Help your children experience the classic story of A Christmas Carol for the first time. Ebenezer Scrooge aka Scrooge

Christmas Movies To Watch With Kids

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