Tips The Power Of Story Master The Art Of Storytelling

Tips The Power Of Story Master The Art Of Storytelling – Power is an integral part of our societies and our lives. In “The 48 Laws of Power”, Robert Greene draws 3,000 years of history into 48 laws to help us understand how to master power and be ‘ avoid being manipulated or crushed by others. In this free summary, we will briefly describe the 48 laws of power. For more information, find our complete book summary package in text, infographic and audio formats.

No one likes to be powerless, but we do not take well to power hungry people because of our modern ideologies of fairness, equity etc. It is important to understand that

Tips The Power Of Story Master The Art Of Storytelling

– it is neither good nor bad. You can choose how to use power once you have it, but it would be foolish to dismiss power as bad or unimportant. Indeed, there is much we can learn from the masterful design of the aristocratic courts of the past – those who can charm, deceive and manipulate the unconscious of others can rise to power without the resentment or resistance of others. .

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. You can use this book to learn about power in general, or to study and reflect deeply on the ideas to understand people and the world you live in.

Of their actions. People who say they reject power because of moral values ​​are often the real manipulators (or just naïve).

, learn and practice new skills including the ability to master your emotions (so they don’t cloud your judgement), analyze the past and future objectively (to learn problems and recognition) and accept deception and masquerade as part of human interaction (not something immoral or ugly).

We will now introduce the 48 laws of power, and take a closer look at 4 of them. Find out more about the remaining laws of power in our full version of The 48 Laws of Power summary (get the full 17-page book summary here.)

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. If your superiors feel insecure, they will find ways to replace you. Even if you are in favor right now, don’t take it for granted because you can fall out of favor with the wrong moves.

, e.g. ask for their help and give your thoughts to their great advice. Give them the light rather than overwhelm them.

. Friends are more likely to envy and betray you, and also limit your power because it is more difficult to maintain a professional distance. It is best to hire people with the skills and abilities to promote your interests.

; use them to create a sense of danger or rally people to your cause. If you can win over an old enemy, he will also have more to prove and is likely to be more loyal than a friend.

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• Many people are open books: they cannot control what they say or they mistakenly believe that honesty can win hearts. It is better to keep the upper hand with it

By pretending to support an opinion or position that is against your true interest. Or, share a sincere opinion about something unimportant – people will mistake your sincerity for honesty and believe you when you lie later.

. Show them something they are familiar with so they let their guard down and are led in the direction you want them to go, without realizing your true intent. Combine this with other smoke screens e.g. poker face, noble move, or pattern setting (then breaking it later).

• The more you say, the less impressive and controlled you are and the higher the chance that you will say something stupid.

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• Powerful people tend to say a lot. This makes them amazing and scary; people cannot guess what they are thinking and hang on their every word and response. Short answers and silence also put people on the defensive; when they try to fill the silence by talking, they provide useful information.

Here is a brief overview of the remaining 44 laws. For more information, check out our text, infographic and audio summary.

Law 7: Get others to do the work and take the credit. Save your time/energy while building your base.

For each of the laws, Greene presents a range of stories and examples involving kings, emperors, nobles and famous people from different countries and cultures over 3000 years of history. These examples range from court politics and power struggles to courtship and war. Greene systematically explains the laws, the interpretation of the laws, stories to illustrate these laws and exceptions to the laws if any.

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