Tips Parenting Journey Navigating The Path Of Parenthood

Tips Parenting Journey Navigating The Path Of Parenthood – STAMFORD, Connecticut, April 19, 2023 // — Philips Avent, the number one baby care brand recommended by moms worldwide, presents the Philips Avent Parent’s Path Art Collection, a collection of personalized artwork created in partnership with mom artists. The collection demonstrates the paradox of unforeseen detours and memorable magical moments experienced by parents. Each artist reflects on their unique journey with motherhood while depicting self-expression, self-care, and community support as essential elements in nurturing new parents through the journey.

Philips Avent knows that parenthood comes with personal journeys for mums, who continue to learn and grow while putting baby first and often neglect to take care of themselves along the way and come to terms with the fact. that it takes a whole village. The hope is that parents find comfort in the art, knowing that Philips Avent understands that every parenting journey is different and offers tools and support to help overcome challenges and put parents’ well-being first, whether it’s transitioning from breastfeeding to bottle feeding, sleep training or calming a colicky baby. Designed in partnership with healthcare professionals, Philips Avent feeding and soothing tools are innovative solutions to help parents provide the best care for their baby, helping them maintain peace of mind.

Tips Parenting Journey Navigating The Path Of Parenthood

“As a trusted mother and childcare companion for over 35 years, Philips Avent understands that no two parenting experiences are the same,” said Brenda Kapner, Chief Marketing Officer, Philips Avent. “We are committed to supporting all parents as they discover what works best for them and their baby and we are delighted to demonstrate this by offering an intimate look at four individual parenting journeys that all parents can relate to. “

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The Philips Avent Parent’s Path Artwork Collection begins with custom artwork developed by a group of mothers who share similar, yet totally unique, experiences with parenthood.

“I am honored to use my art to contribute to the larger conversation around the individuality of each parenting experience,” says Aimee Koran, mom of two, interdisciplinary artist and Philips Avent partner. “My works are created through the lens of motherhood and shine a light on the otherwise invisible labor inherent in this journey. The opportunity to participate in this art collection with Philips Avent allowed for the perfect space and creative freedom for talk about the trials and tribulations of parenthood and the needs of parents.

Philips Avent will donate personalized art from the Parent’s Path art collection to select medical centers supporting women and families. Philips Avent continues its efforts to provide resources and support to parents as they navigate the ups and downs of their individual parenting journey, knowing that this uniqueness is what unites parents.

Parents are encouraged to share their own photos and artwork of their parenting moments with Philips Avent by following @PhilipsAvent and using the hashtag #AParentsPath. For more information on the Philips Avent Parent’s Path Art Collection, please visit

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First-time mum Priscilla Koczon, 39, loved being pregnant and expected to feel the same as a mother. “I imagined it would be really easy, instantly connect with my baby and kick in my maternal instincts,” says Koczon, who lives with her husband and two-month-old daughter in New Jersey. Instead, she found herself struggling with mixed emotions and a shifting identity as she struggled to find her place. “Motherhood is hard,” she says, admitting a simple truth that isn’t always acknowledged.

Becoming a mother is a huge and complicated life transition that can shake every fiber of a person’s being. The process even has its own name: matrescence. And while the term may seem relatively new, it was actually coined in the 70s by medical anthropologist Dana Raphael. “She starts a lot of her writings by saying that in some cultures we say ‘a woman gave birth’, but here we say ‘a child is born'”, explains Aurélie Athan, a reproductive psychologist at Columbia University. “And with that, the focus is on the child.”

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It is a holistic change in several areas of your life. You may feel it physically, psychologically. You will feel it with your peer groups. You will feel it at your work. You will feel it at the level of the great philosophical questions.

The idea of ​​focusing on the mother was not further developed at the time because Raphael “had to wait a few more generations for more women to become scientists who could then study this more themselves. And make motherhood a serious subject,” adds Athan. , who is credited with reviving the term matrescence.

Athan compares it to the awkwardness of adolescence: “It’s a holistic change in many areas of your life. You may feel it physically, psychologically. You will feel it with your peers. feel it at your work. You will feel it at the level of the great philosophical questions.

In other words, once you’ve welcomed a baby into your home, nothing is ever the same. Yes, it’s exciting and joyful, but it can also be completely overwhelming. So as you navigate the ups and downs of new motherhood, remember that this ambivalence is normal. The goal is to give you the time and compassion to adapt to your new role. But if you are experiencing symptoms of postpartum depression or anxiety, seek help as soon as possible. Life Kit has an episode on managing mood and perinatal disorders here.

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When it comes to matrescence, there is a lot you can do at home to make sense of this stage of life. Here are five takeaways that can help moms-to-be (and moms already in the thick of it) gain a foothold, including tips on how to manage expectations, get the support you need, and give back. prioritize time for yourself.

While the process is universal and affects mothers going through adoption and surrogacy as much as birthing mothers, it can vary widely depending on a person’s race, culture, and personal experience. individual, says Pria Alpern, a clinical psychologist who leads groups for new mothers in New York City. She suggests sitting down and reflecting on your life, going back to your childhood.

This story comes from Life Kit, the family of podcasts from to help make life better – covering everything from exercise to

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