Tips Paper Magic Endless Possibilities With Paper Crafts

Tips Paper Magic Endless Possibilities With Paper Crafts – Creative ideas, inspiration and step-by-step tutorials on how to make different designs in the shape of stars – including paper stars, star decorations, decorations and more.

Looking for star crafting ideas? We made it for you! We’ve put together some of the best free online arts and crafts that are great for kids (including preschoolers and preschoolers) and adults alike.

Tips Paper Magic Endless Possibilities With Paper Crafts

There are endless creative ideas to make with star shapes, and we love that they are perfect for everyday use, or for special occasions like Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, Fourth of July, or even birthdays and weddings!

Arts And Crafts Projects For Kindergartners

Whether you want to learn how to fold 3D paper stars, make star ornaments as inexpensive holiday decorations, or make the perfect star for pretend play, this star craft list has plenty of ideas to inspire you.

Paper crafts are so popular because the possibilities are endless. Whether you want to teach your kids origami techniques, or simply recycle your newspapers into something beautiful, these stellar craft ideas will provide you with hours of fun.

(1) 3D Paper Stars: Simple but beautiful Kirigami stars (origami with a little cutting) can be made in any shape, anytime! Make it red, white, and blue for Independence Day, or pair it up to use as a decoration for any holiday. (via Red Ted Art)

(2) 3D Cutout Stars: These simple cutout stars will blow your kids’ minds. They can decorate with paint, markers, or even glitter. Add a string of beads to turn it into a classic accessory! (via Artful Parent)

Christmas Crafts For Kids

(3) Paper Star Decorations: Whether you make five or seven stars, they look fun when decorated with buttons and thread. (via Craft & Creativity)

(4)Newspaper Stars: Use straws to make these unique stars, or check out the full tutorial on how to make your own straws and make stars from scratch! (via Red Ted Art)

(5)Paper Star Gift Toppers: These cute stars are not only fun to make, but they look super cute on any gift for Christmas, birthdays, and more. (via Martha Stewart)

(6) Cut and Fold Paper Stars: Paper stars in many colors are very difficult, but worth the time, because they are so cute. Hang them from different large ropes from the ceiling, or make a beautiful wreath. (via Mini Eco)

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(7) Origami Paper Star Bowl: This star is very special because it is folded like a bowl! Place on the holiday table with individually wrapped candies to add delicious flavors that work too. (via Red Ted Art)

(8)Paper Woven Stars: These eight-point woven stars resemble a curved shape when made with printed colors. (via My Poppet Makes)

(9) Origami Paper Star Cards: Take colorful cards and decorate the halls for the holidays or New Year’s Eve with these 3D stars, or add them to the front of a greeting card! (via Hello, Awesome)

(10) Origami Stars: If you love different folding techniques to make all your origami stars look unique, then you’ll want to check this out. Add thousands of different colors. (via Bloomize)

New Products For Crafting In 2021

(11)Fold & Cut Origami Stars: Careful folding and cutting of this unique paper star is essential. Use bright colors to add pop. (via Pink Stripey Socks)

(12)Paper Bag Stars: Let the kids paint paper bags, and then use this technique to make these cute fan-like stars to decorate your home at any time. (via Pink Stripey Socks)

13 (via Babble Dabble Do)

(14) Origami Stars: Check out this fun and easy origami star for tons of possibilities, including small tree tops, wrapped like a wreath, or like a baby! (via Red Ted Art)

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(15) Easy Origami Star: Love origami but need a basic tutorial that’s easy for kids (and yourself)? This is a good place to start. Use patterned paper to add some extra flair to your holiday decorations. (via It’s Always Autumn)

(16) 5-Point Origami Star: If you like folding, these simple folding stars are easy to pick up for any skill level and look great in all shapes and sizes. (via Homemade Gifts Made Easy)

(17)Printable Star Glasses: Let your child shine like a star with these printable star glasses that they can decorate for the holidays, the Fourth of July, or just because! Add glitter for real Hollywood vibes! (via Pickle Bums)

(18) Paper Star Snowflakes: Paper Star Snowflakes can be made from sticks or even staples. Make them red, green, white, silver, or gold for real holiday vibes hanging on the tree. (via Red Ted Art)

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(19) 3D German Paper Stars: These cute and unique stars are known as “Fröbelsterne” in Germany and are available at Christmas! They are so long that they look like bows and are often found as the top of beautiful packaging and decorations. (via Craft Ideas)

(20) Paper Stars: Paper stars are so much fun! Let your kids choose from a variety of colors to paint on the star to make it look like a pom pom! (via Crafts on Sea)

21 (via Pickle Bums)

(22)Paper Cut Stars: These super cute paper cut stars can be as simple as you like, or made with special shapes to capture the snow! (via First Palette)

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(23) Paper Stars: Line your stars with crumpled paper or paper clips for a fun and unique paper bag craft. This is one that the kids will definitely love. (via Art Bar)

(24) Paper Bag Stars: These cute stars can be made in any shape and hung from twine or fishing line for a great DIY decoration that works great for holidays, weddings, or even a day out! (via Red Ted Art)

Some of our favorite events are stars as a symbol. Create beautiful handmade star ornaments, tree tops, rope fences, and more to spice up your Christmas or Hanukkah traditions, or create beautiful Americana crafts for Memorial Day or Independence Day!

(1)Golden Clay Stars: These air-dried clay stars involve the addition of gold flakes that are pressed before drying to give a shiny gold finish. (via Gathering Beauty)

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(2) Sparkly Glitter Stars: All you need is some foil or aluminum foil to cut out the shapes, then use push pins to put patterns in these glittery silver stars! (via

(3)Twig Stars: These adorable star ornaments are made from twigs found in your backyard and decorated with inspirational quotes made from twisted metal wires! (via U-Create Crafts)

(4) Glass Decorations: With a little help of colored paper and aluminum foil, these special stars easily resemble stained glass when finished. (via Happy Hooligans)

(5) Pipe Cleaner, Straw Stars & Beads: If you have straws lying around, then you have the base for these cute stars! Just decorate them with beads or jewels as you wish. (via Parents)

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(6) String Star Ornaments: Simply use white string and/or jute to make these beautiful stars that add a touch of beauty to a country-decorated Christmas tree. (via EY to ZEE Creative)

(7) Sculpted Clay Stars: These cute and unique stars are made from air-dried clay, cut out the stars with a cookie cutter, then stamp them with stamps or pens before they dry! (via Gathering Beauty)

(8)Wood Bead Stars: These Scandinavian inspired stars are super cute and made with only wooden beads and a string of your choice. (via Gathering Beauty)

(9)Wood Bead Ornament: This beautiful Scandinavian ornament is made from wooden beads and synthetic wire that can be bent to achieve the desired shape. (via Alice & Lois)

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(10) Star Salt Cross Ornaments: A little salt dough turns fun and easy-to-cut stars into beautiful ornaments. Just let it dry as it is and decorate, or you can paint it again! (via The Best Ideas for Kids)

(11) Star Crystal Ornaments: You will need to grow borax crystals for this star, but the beautiful and beautiful look is the most important thing in the end. (via One Little Project)

(12) Pipe Cleaners/String Stars: Made from pipe cleaners and cookie cutters, these crafty stars are wrapped in colorful yarn and decorated with fun pom poms in between. (via Small for Big)

(13) Button Star Decorations: Perfect for starting scraps, these cute stars are filled with small objects and decorated with buttons while using different colors of paint. (via Red Ted Art)

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(14) Painted Star Garland: This simple garland involves decorating newspaper stars with watercolor paint and stringing them together for a super cute, colorful look any time of the year! (via Pickle Bums)

(15)Glitter Pen Stars: Glitter pens are a fun and easy way to add sparkle to any DIY craft. Just make stars with craft sticks and glue, then decorate with a glitter pen, and voila! (via Powerful Mothering)

(16)Star Garland: Cut foam flower stars as your base, then wrap them with decorative yarn to make these playful flowers more interesting. (Girl with a Glue Gun)

(17)Clay Star Garland: Roll polymer clay and small cookie cutters, then glitter arrows, and glue back and forth.

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