Tips Cross-stitch Delights Create Stunning Embroidery

Tips Cross-stitch Delights Create Stunning Embroidery – We talk a lot about kits around these parts here. They’re the driving force behind a lot of what we do, just because we like to deliver a lightweight product. A product that is self-contained, quick to start and smooth to get started right away. Many of you have busy lives, and to have a creative outlet, you need it to be easy. Or maybe you just don’t have the bandwidth to provide quality, affordable floss – it makes all the difference, trust me!

These PDF patterns are always easy-to-print digital downloads. They all provide the same instructions for completing a design. And there are quite a few in the shop that don’t actually have a kit tailstock. Several designs are in-store designs only. Pattern PDFs are more like a mini booklet with lots of information to complete each design. I’m also always available to answer any specific questions you come across while working through a model (or kit, of course).

Tips Cross-stitch Delights Create Stunning Embroidery

Each PDF pattern download is a few pages long and includes a variety of tips to improve the process! It also includes the reusable pattern and a supplies list so you can source your own materials or even use whatever supplies you have on hand. You can change the background material if you want! The background fabric can be anything you have, similar to a cotton or linen style. You can even embroider on a towel, burlap bag or t-shirt!

Enchanted Garden Cross Stitch: 20 Designs Celebrating Birds, Blossoms, And The Beauty In Our Own Backyards: Bussi, Gail: 9780811771412: Books

1) Juniper Embroidery PDF Pattern – these simple patterns are by far my favorite! Sets are also the best sellers on all the platforms we sell on.

Below is a sample section from the Juniper model. As you can see, we’re going section by section as we work through the pattern! So if you already have the supplies, just grab a pattern from the store to make!

2) Hummingbird Embroidery Pattern PDF – Definitely a best seller in the store! Our customers love the hummingbird pattern and it makes sense. It is a beautiful work of art!

We like to make sure we take the guesswork out of this because it seems so complex!! By breaking down the steps, we cover a lot of ground by explaining how to do each section without causing confusion!

A Bluestocking Knits: Counted Stitch

3) Berry Trio Embroidery Pattern PDF – This is one of our in-store pattern only offerings and it’s a popular one! And it’s probably because there are THREE patterns in one package: blackberry, blueberry, and strawberry patterns to create a trio of art!

4) Roman Chamomile Embroidery PDF Pattern – Coming in at number four as a popular purchase pattern is the Roman Chamomile! This wonderfully simple model is similar to Juniper. It’s perfect for beginners and a great one to start your pattern collecting journey. Definitely an easy one to use, no matter what supplies you have on hand to complete!

5) Astor & Goldenrod Embroidery PDF – Our latest top 5 embroidery pattern PDFs sold in the store! This is another PDF only design! This design is a bit more complex than the Chamomile and Juniper, but still very easy to follow instructions in the booklet!

So, are you ready to try a pattern? Do you have some embroidery supplies that have just been sitting in a bin, ready to be used up?! Check out our pattern section in our store with the button below and try a new pattern!

Cute Embroidery Patterns

Because we have some options if you like RAINBOWS!!! And honestly, we love rainbows here at Harvest Goods Co. We have a few kits that we will be highlighting in this post!

The first Rainbow Kit we will focus on is the Blooming Rainbow Kit. This kit is a celebration of biodynamic wine farming, a collaborative design with Gina from Lady of the Sunshine Wines. Did you know Harvest Goods Co designs wine label art?! We do!

And we love Gina Giugni, founder of Lady of the Sunshine Wine since 2017. Her wines are light, airy and so delicious. It was a fun match made in heaven to create specific labels for her Central California wines. After she gets the first tests on these models, we then create a specific kit to make available to our customers. In fact, we have another one happening this year, targeting this summer!

The Blooming Rainbow kit pairs beautifully with its mother tag: the 2020 rose! That’s right, grab a wine and get a kit and enjoy them at the same time! This kit is a great starter kit for sure! Simple and affordable, but great for any home.

Hand Embroidery Dictionary

This kit is also a collaboration with Lady of the Sunshine Wines. It pairs with the 2020 Gamay wine as it shows this mountainous label. This kit is super simple lines inside my favorite oval circle. There is such beauty in its simplicity.

Just below the Rainbow Mountains is a tiny line of blooming flowers. It’s small and cute. A great starter kit for sure! If you are just starting out, I definitely recommend this embroidery kit. Simple and affordable, but great for any home. And still so colorful!

Kit #3, okay, so technically this isn’t a rainbow, but this still fits the rainbow theme. Theme of hope and promise!

This multidimensional kit is a sun shining brightly from behind the clouds. The puffy clouds are moving away and the sun is bringing that light and warmth. Like the sun rising again after a storm. See why I’m including this one in the Rainbow Kit models?! It’s just as cheerful and happy as our other two kits.

Fo] Here Is My First Finished Work, I’m Kinda Proud Of It, Source Is Dimensions. Although I Messed Up Quite A Bit, It Was A Fun Winter Break Project.

The sun will come out tomorrow, as Annie’s old song goes, and here’s a nice reminder of that! I dare you not to smile. 😉

These three embroidery designs bring cheerfulness, joy and warmth. This is our goal here at Harvest Goods Co and we hope to bring more models that do the same. These designs are great for winter blues, anticipation of spring or summer heat. These can be meditations or therapies after grief, depression or loss.

This month’s new subscription kit is called the Mushroom Patch Kit. She has an adorable nod to gardens, growing, composting mushrooms and delicious strawberries. It’s just so cute!

Those plump strawberries are just my favorite thing. And the shadows on the mushrooms add so much dimension to this design. This month’s design marks a noticeable shift in our future designs. We hope to move on to more complex designs in our kits here. Much more detailed models. Many more free colors. This kit has 8 different colored dental floss.

Fo] Garden Of Delight By William Morris Done On 25ct Lugana 1×1 Full Stitch Very Proud Of My First Completed Haed Piece!

Our mushroom patch kit looks complex and overwhelming with all the detailed stitches, but we break it down step by step in our PDF pattern and video tutorial on our embroidery channel. Our video shows in incredible detail how to complete this design. Also be prepared to use backstitch, french knots, long/short stitch and satin stitch. We have video tutorials of each of these stitches on our embroidery channel too!

Our other release this month is our Tutorial Tuesday design. Remember, each week we focus on a new stitch to perfect or learn with a mini circle project at the end of the month to bind off all the stitches.

This month on our Tutorial Tuesday page we are covering the Satin Lined Stitch, the Stem French Knot and the Raised Stem Stitch. And the final project that uses those three stitches is this wild strawberry flower pattern on a gorgeous sage linen fabric from Terra Textilia. The design of this kit was created specifically to pair with this month’s mushroom patch kit!

Our latest berry love product in store this month is these FUN mugs from Rainy by 5th Street Studio Ceramics. Rainy does amazing handwork and we love every opportunity to collaborate. These mugs are big enough for your morning coffee, with a lovely splash of pink hues and earthy flecks.

Embroidery Pattern Foxglove Flowers Embroidery Pattern

This little trio of special collection makes my Harvest Goods Co heart happy and we hope you all enjoy the fruits of the spring gardens and the love of sunshine and flowers. Expect to see more pairings and groupings in future embroidery kit designs. We hope to create patterns that can be hung or gifted together while creating something good and beautiful while slowing down a bit.

They are now in the shop under Embroidery Accessories! These are already cut perfectly for hoop projects and embroidery designs!!

Each pack has 9 samples of different sizes to find embroidery hoops of several sizes. Each one offers its own wonderful texture and color! This deck is great if you have no idea where to start or don’t want to commit too much to one color. Each piece is at least 5in.x5in. but go up to 8in.x8in. each pack varies slightly in size, but all 9 colors are available in each.

At Harvest Goods Co we invest in large quantities of fabric – usually sold in rolls – as we

Punch Needle Embroidery Patterns

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