Journey Into The Center Of The Earth

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Journey Into The Center Of The Earth

Brendan Fraser stars in this 21st-century retelling of Jules Verne’s 19th-century classic, Journey to the Center of the Earth. On a scientific expedition to Iceland, scientist Trevor Anderson (Fraser – Crash, The Mummy), his nephew Sean (Josh Hutcherson) and their local guide Hannah (Anita Briem) are trapped in a cave – from which their only escape is to delve into worlds unimaginable, where the trio come face to face with never-before-seen creatures and terrifying dangers as they race against a volcanic eruption to reach the surface!

Journey To The Center Of Earth

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Journey To The Center Of The Earth [blu Ray] [2008]

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Duck lovers will be relieved to know that the 3D adventure Journey to the Center of the Earth is not a remake of the 1959 film starring Pat Boone and James Mason in which Gertrude the duck meets an unfortunate end. There is no Gertrude in this “Journey”, and she does not try to be an adaptation of Jules Verne’s novel. But the film, directed by visual effects professional Eric Brevig (whose credits include “Men in Black” and “Pearl Harbor”), admits where the idea came from: the story draws on “Vernians”, the obsessive types, who believe that Verne’s work is filled with secret codes and clues that can lead them to wonderful discoveries in real life. This is a film that is more faithful to the idea and sense of adventure than to a specific work.

Journey To The Center Of The Earth Storyboard By Lemanacho

It’s equally faithful to the slightly old-fashioned movie novelty of 3-D, which for some reason is touted as the future of movies, even though wearing the special black-rimmed glasses necessary to watch the thing made me feel like I should be wearing a double suit and a crinoline. But Journey to the Center of the Earth works because it’s totally in love with the nostalgic nature of its gimmick – even though the technology it uses has come a long way since AndrĂ© de Toth (who ironically only had one eye) wowed audiences in 1953 with the infamous “House of Wax” ball hit effect. Based on an extremely uncomplicated script (by Michael D. Weiss, Jennifer Flackett and Ed Levin), Brevig delves into and skillfully uses the possibilities offered by modern 3D. The first shot is an extreme close-up of an ugly worm whose antennae – crap! — extend your hand to us from the screen. Talk about audience engagement.

The plot is extremely simple, really just a spare frame to hang the effects on: Brendan Fraser plays Trevor Anderson, a presumably scatterbrained scientist who travels to Iceland with his nephew Sean (Josh Hutcherson) in search of a mysterious world below the surface of the earth. Trevor’s brother – and Sean’s father – died in search of this world. Now Trevor and Sean have reason to believe they can succeed where others before them have failed. With the help of a daring (and extremely pretty, natch) Icelandic guide, Hannah (Anita Briem), they embark on an adventure, descending long, steep potholes, speeding through dark tunnels in abandoned mining cars that double as impromptu roller coasters and blasting geysers. What else can you expect from self-respecting characters in a 3D movie?

The picture works because Brevig and his actors – not to mention the effects – maintain a sense of humor and lightness. It doesn’t matter that Fraser, an accomplished actor who is famous not for his serious performances (which are unfailingly solid) but for his recurring role on the series The Mummy, the next part of which starts in a few weeks, has such a great comic sense that he makes even the simplest, simplest jokes work. There are also entire sections of the image that could be conveniently placed in the “Things Kids Like” category: these include dripping drops of goo, a shoal of rather terrifying flying fish whose snapping jaws are lined with treacherous, pointed teeth, and of course, dinosaurs. Our explorers also encounter many wondrous creatures, the most notable of which is a flock of phosphorescent birds that swoop straight at us, the subtle movement of their wings sounding as lively as a heartbeat.

Best of all, when the effects of Journey to the Center of the Earth start to tire, the case ends: part of its beauty lies in its economy. In real life, it would take a long time to travel to the center of the earth. Brevig got us in and out in about 90 minutes. Now it’s show business.

Journey To The Center Of The Earth (1959)

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