Journey 2 To The Center Of The Earth Full Movie

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A scientist goes deep beneath the Earth’s crust to find his missing brother. This adaptation of Jules Verne’s classic is accompanied by his nephew and an Icelandic mountaineer tag.

Journey 2 To The Center Of The Earth Full Movie

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Journey To The Center Of The Earth / Journey 2: The Mysterious Island [new Dvd] 883929351299

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Journey To The Center Of The Earth 2d(2008)

A young boy learns kung fu from a kind maintenance man after moving from Detroit to China, where he is the target of a school bully.

Six friends meet after a gap of six years. Among the six, one of them is about to get married. The story shows how the other five friends share stories about their married life with her. Cast and crew err on the side of silliness in “Journey 2: The Secret Island,” the hilarious childhood sequel to the unlikely 2008 hit “Journey to the Center of the Earth.”

They have turned Jules Verne’s novel into a lark of jokes, with wide, corny cracks, funny sidekicks and everyone rushing at the ginormous lizards, humble spiders and the like.

For those who have forgotten the idea, the idea here is that while “most people consider” the stories of 19th-century novelist Jules Verne “works of science fiction, Vernians know otherwise.”

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

Sean Anderson (Josh Hutcherson) certainly does. He lost his father on a big trip “Journey to the Center of the Earth”. Now, years later, living with mom (Kristin Davis) and overcompensated stepdad Hank (Dwayne Johnson), the rebellious teenager receives a coded radio message from his grandfather Since contractor Hank used to be a Navy code breaker, they quickly realize that the message is “The island is real.” That was Verne’s “Secret Island.”

And they know where it is. That sets the stage for a stepfather/son bonding trip to the South Pacific, where they hire a low-rent chopper pilot (Luis Guzman, hilarious) and his daughter, with a twist teen va-va-voom by Vanessa Hudgens, to be taken. they are there.

They found the place, all right. Together with grandfather, played by Michael Caine in “Indiana Caine” mode – a sad joke lost in the jungle.

The script makes Gramps and Hank comic foils, with lots of “my big friend” versus “old man/old lady” cracks. (As in, “Be careful. Medicare doesn’t cover old ladies who fall from giant bees.) Because yes, there are giant bees, and poodle-sized elephants, boiling volcanoes, but no—it must to say – a lot of danger.

Movie Review: ‘journey 2’ Takes A Trip To Nowhere

We are not afraid of anyone, and the action scenes are little more than 3-D shows ripped from the “Star Wars” movies. Director Brad Peyton plays around with slow motion, which passes for style here.

It’s not Vernian or modern or smart or even that smart. This “Journey” is an action comedy for pre-teens, squeaky clean and fearless. Not much here for adults. But Johnson, the actor formerly known as the wrestler “The Rock,” makes a perfectly adequate, adorable babysitter (he plays with his pecs, and even plays the ukulele ditty).

The most brilliant thing you’ll see in “Journey 2” is the new animated Looney Tunes romp that’s attached to the beginning. “Daffy’s Rhapsody” uses an old recording made by the late Mel Blanc as Daffy Duck back in the 1950s – Daffy singing why he’s so “gosh-darned riff-raffy” to the tune of “Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2” by Franz Liszt on stage as Elmer Fudd lights it up. It’s a hoot, because the little black duck was made for 3-D. The fun and playful ride to Earth Center helped introduce audiences to the latest incarnation of 3D back in the pre-Avatar days of 2008, and its healthy $240 million -a box office draw on the way for this second Jules Verne-inspired family adventure.

Josh Hutcherson’s Sean Anderson is the same franchise, playing the science-loving teenager who now lives with his mother and her husband Hank (Dwayne Johnson). Their relationship is the traditionally awkward father-son bond, as Hank struggles to bond with Sean until the pair decode a message sent by their grandfather Alexander (Michael Caine ) is lost.

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The transmission begins the adventure as Sean and Hank head to the Pacific Ocean to try and find the Mysterious Verne Island. Along the way they pick up Gabata (Luis Guzman) and his daughter Kailani (Vanessa Hudgens), who fit the roles of comic foils and love Sean’s interest.

Looks more like an extended rollercoaster ride than a solid blockbuster – only now its colorful and eye-catching 3D set pieces don’t benefit from feeling fresh and new.

Director Brad Peyton amps up the visual awe and wonder, blasting Andrew Lockington’s John Williams-inspired score at key, poignant moments. The sad crew of adventurers have no human antagonists, just a group of alien creatures and shifting tectonic plates that threaten to flood the island. he is

The cast makes the most of a slick script from Brian Gunn and Mark Gunn, with Johnson and Caine regularly commanding attention. Hank hilariously teases Alexander by making fun of his British accent and calling him Mary Poppins, while Caine – fills in the Sean Connery /

An Homage To Jules Verne

, but here he jumps on behind giant animated creatures for one of the most enjoyable set pieces in this film. The 78-year-old is his usual effortless self, although it’s hard to imagine he took the job for any reason other than a handsome payday.

Johnson, stronger than his franchise predecessor Brendan Fraser, happily props himself up by shooting berries off his “popping pecs” and strumming a banjo while singing ‘ What a Wonderful World’ around the campfire.

Chugs along at a fast pace, bringing all the necessary elements into its action-adventure template and carrying on the charm of its reliable stars. It’s a lot more interesting than you might expect, but don’t expect anything revolutionary.

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Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

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