Greatest Romantic Comedy Movies Of All Time

Greatest Romantic Comedy Movies Of All Time – Don’t let the Academy (or your cynical cinephile friends) tell you different: A great Rom-Com is a true work of art. If you’re having a bad day, they can cheer you up, and if you’re having a good one, they can sweeten the deal. The proof is in the pudding: if they were easy to make, there wouldn’t be so many bad romantic comedies out there. Sure, maybe they didn’t win Oscars, but they could be considered movie classics in their own right. We have chosen 14 of the best Netflix has to offer, because what better way to spend an evening, whether you are sharing the couch with someone you love or enjoying it all to yourself.

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Greatest Romantic Comedy Movies Of All Time

The latest Netflix original of the season starred Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey as two people who make a deal for each other for the holidays throughout the year. But with their natural chemistry, it doesn’t take long for their faux-relationship to get complicated.

Best Rom Coms Of All Time

This Sydney Pollack directed remake of the 1954 classic stars Harrison Ford, Julia Ormond, and Greg Kinnear in a complicated classic love triangle. In it Linus (Ford) was afraid to cancel his younger brother playboy David (Kinnear) lucrative marriage attempt to make the woman who could break things, Sabrina (Ormond) fell in love with him instead, on the winding road of ways. on his head.

This romance, based on Jenny Han’s novel, follows a teenager who writes letters to all the people she loves—and exposes those deeply personal notes. This sweet story of young love is endearing without being saccharine.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this Oscar-nominated rom-com. A stuffy French village in the 1950s is shaken up when a nomadic chocolatier (Juliette Binoche) and her young daughters arrive in town just in time for Lent, inspiring the townspeople to give themselves up to temptation—and a healthy dose of it. romance too. .

Kristen Bell can do no wrong. In this Netflix original, she plays a bride who is left at the altar and decides to go on her honeymoon anyway. Love is real (if platonic) as this newlywed’s dream getaway turns into an unexpected family reunion when he is joined by his father, whom he has not seen since he was five years old.

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The carefully controlled world of an OCD author (Jack Nicholson) is turned upside down when he becomes involved with the waitress from his favorite restaurant (Helen Hunt) and refuses to help his neighbor (Greg Kinnear) with his dog after being attacked.

As much a love letter to New York as a relationship, this Netflix original follows a music journalist (Gina Rodriguez) who—fresh from a breakup and about to move to San Francisco—engages in one last wild night with her friends.

This new Netflix original brings the Christmas spirit. Erica is an ambitious congressional aide tasked with evaluating whether an Air Force base in Guam should be closed. He meets a swaggering captain, Andrew, who tries to show him what really goes on at the base, which has an annual tradition of air freight to the citizens of Guam for Christmas.

Spike Lee’s black-and-white indie classic helped launch his career and, decades later, became a mini-series. The story follows a woman, Nola, who is juggling three men. He loves them all but doesn’t want to commit—but when the three men come together to sort things out, his seemingly perfect arrangement becomes complicated.

Greatest Romance Films Of All Time

Two assistants conspire to set up their demanding boss in hopes of taking a break from their hectic workload. Of course, love in the air for more than just the bosses. Although it is probably not the best idea to pursue a matchmaking scheme in your actual work life, it is fun to watch it play out on screen.

This Netflix original comic is the perfect choice if you’re looking for something sweet, not too sad, and quite modern. Comedian Ali Wong plays a successful chef who reconnects with his childhood friend (Randall Park) and finds that, even though their lives are completely different now, all the old sparks are still there.

Netflix is ​​cornering the market on teen romantic comedies. This is a new take on the classic “nerd girl falls for popular boy” trope worthy of Rostand. Sierra Burgess has the boy fall for her—but she thinks he’s someone else.

This Oscar-winning film is a brilliant play on old Hollywood silent films. In the late 1920s, silent film star George Valentin meets a young actress, Peppy. “Talkie” movies are just starting to rise, and it looks like George’s once important career is going out of style. The two actors cross over the years, personally and professionally, trying to keep their attraction at bay.

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Review this 2012 hit starring Jennifer Lawrence as a depressed widow and Bradley Cooper as someone dealing with bipolar disorder. Lawrence tells Cooper—whose wife left him during his time in a mental institution—that he can help him get his marriage back, as long as he agrees to be his partner in a dance competition. While working on their performance, they form an odd friendship and help each other through their grief and mental health issues. Robert De Niro is also fantastic as Cooper’s father.

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A Hocus Pocus 3 is in the works Dune: Part Two Details Josh O’Connor Stars in La Chimera A drama about the royal family of Monaco is coming. Romance is at the heart of almost every Hollywood movie. It’s hard to find a major Hollywood movie that doesn’t have a love story as either the main storyline, or at least a minor subplot. So why are films that focus primarily on romantic elements often framed as less serious, less legitimate cinematic endeavors? It’s a reflection of a society that deems what women like as frivolous and what men like as art, where romance pictures are derided as “chick flicks.”

Still, not all romance movies are created equal, and, like every other genre in Hollywood, they vary widely in terms of quality. At worst, they are lazy and formulaic, barely mustering enough effort to build a compelling meet-cute between the two leads. But at their best, like the films on this list, they capture something emotionally evocative about the human condition, that we are not built just to eat, drink and sleep, but to love.

Whatever people thought Richard Linklater was going to do to follow up his first two independent hits, “Slackers” and “Dazed and Confused,” they certainly got a surprise when his next film was the quiet, understated European romance “Before Sunrise.” .” It stars Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy as two strangers who meet on a train in Vienna, and have an immediate spark. They spend the journey engaged in deep conversation, and spend the night together once they arrive in Vienna – all the while knowing that once their rendezvous is over, they will return to their separate lives and never see each other again. and more.

There’s an authenticity to “Before Sunrise” that makes it incredibly compelling, and the romance is no less engaging for having a strictly enforced termination point. (How tough to debate: the film proved so successful that Linklater and his stars would reunite for two sequels, “Before Sunset” and “Before Midnight.”

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It’s easy enough to make a film that features a sweet love story, but with “If Beale Street Could Talk,” Barry Jenkins has created one that oozes romance at every pore. From the hauntingly beautiful lighting to Nicholas Britell’s smooth, evocative, chord-laden score, every element of the film works together to capture the power and energy of the love between Tish (KiKi Layne) and Fonny (Stephan James).

Based on a novel by James Baldwin, “If Beale Street Could Talk” explores the relationship of childhood friends turned lovers in 1970s Harlem, and their efforts to fight an indictment that will see Fonny sent to prison for a crime he committed. did not commit Their unwavering devotion to each other sees them through hardship after hardship, and powerful support for the couple is echoed by Sharon, Tish’s mother, whose performance won Regina King Best Supporting Actress at the Academy Awards.

Director Howard Hawks has many romantic comedies under his belt, but “Fireball” is it

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