Best Family Friendly Movies Of All Time

Best Family Friendly Movies Of All Time – You did it! You finally convinced the crew to get together for a family dinner! Before you do anything else, give yourself a pat on the back. Because we know it’s not easy! Now is the time to start coming up with some indoor activities that both kids and adults will love. Once you’ve chosen a family dinner recipe, your next tough choice is to find a family movie you can all agree on. But alas: we’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the *best* family movies to stream on Netflix.

Here you will find movies to suit every type of mood: Families with sports fanatics or athletes will surely enjoy one of the many Netflix football movies, e.g.

Best Family Friendly Movies Of All Time

Will leave everyone smiling. And if you’re looking for more of a classic movie, queue up your favorite family movie

Best Family And Kids Movies On Netflix (june 2023)

Instead of going to the movies, use this guide to plan a family movie night that everyone will enjoy. Grab your popcorn and your favorite snacks and browse this list of some of our favorites. You and your family can thank us later!

This tear-jerking story may be all too familiar to parents. Yes, you will definitely cry after watching this movie, but that shouldn’t stop you from watching it! It’s about a professor going through a recent personal disaster and his new friendship with Hachi, a puppy that changed his life.

Aliens are attacking Earth? There’s nothing to fear thanks to an amazing group of monsters sworn to protect us! Watch as the dumbest group of defenders take whatever steps are necessary to stop the dangerous outsiders from their plan to destroy the world.

But scared. (Okay, maybe they were a little scared at first.) But when twins Rebecca and Cecil accept the fact that their stepmother is a retired spy, they don’t have time to join her on her quest to save the world again.

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If you mess with one troll, you can mess with them all! So when the Bergens capture their entire village with some nefarious plans, it’s up to Princess Poppy and Branch to take matters into their own hands.

Neighbors Ivy and Bean are indistinguishable from each other. Some might even say they are complete opposites! Together they decide to stay away from each other. But when Bean realizes that Ivy has a few tricks up her sleeve, they decide they could work together after all!

The fighting panda Po has really come full circle in the third installment of the family martial arts series. We see him progressing into the role of instructor himself, teaching uncoordinated baby pandas the art of it all.

For our 90s fans, this one’s for you. Jack Black takes the lead in this modern reimagining of the bone-chilling horror stories that were so popular back then. This time, an anxious teenager faces her worst nightmare: her dad’s writing about the horror genre… but in real life.

Best Disney Movies To Watch: Listed By Age Group

Siblings Ioane and Pili are caught off guard when they are asked to suddenly leave their hometown in Brooklyn to finally reconnect with their Hawaiian roots. At first, they don’t like the thought of being so far away from their friends. But once the journey begins in search of hidden treasures, they seem to come.

If you’ve seen the original 1996 film, you know how magical the story is about a powerful, telekinetic young girl who goes up against her nefarious principle. So imagine that story—but with a twist. That’s right, we got a modern musical in our hands!

Everyone knows the classic story of Pinocchio. But not everyone saw it told through the lens of Guillermo del Toro, the Mexican director known for his unusual creative technique. Watch the beauty of stop-motion tell a story we all know and love.

If you loved Rihanna at halftime of Super Bowl LVII, you’ll love her even more as the voice of Tip, a young girl who befriends an unusual alien hero named Oh. Together, the two embark on a mission of responsibility, friendship and lots of humor.

Of The Best ’80s Movies To Watch As A Family

If there was a camp run by all fathers, we imagine it would look something like this! The bumbling fathers, Charlie and Phil, try to take on this challenge, forgetting how ruthless (and frankly, dangerous) some kids can be!

If you could say yes to your kids just for one day, how do you think you would get away with it? Let’s just hope it doesn’t end up with obscene amounts of physical activity, in your face

A quirky but loving group of families stumble upon a task they never thought they were ready for: saving the world from robots!

Follows the life of a cute young bear from the jungles of Peru as he searches for a family in London.

Best Alien Movies Of All Time

Aliens vs. Young Superheroes…need we say more? This fun movie gives kids exactly what they want – and parents will have fun too!

Being suspended from an NFL coaching position isn’t exactly pleasant news—especially when your team just won the Super Bowl. This dad uses his time away from the pros to coach his 12-year-old son’s not-so-good soccer team.

These penguins are far from ordinary… because penguins don’t go on military adventures or help secret agents defeat evil villains, do they?

What if life was as simple as making a wish and then it came true? This student meets exactly that fate when he meets a magical but cynical dragon. His wish? Reunite with your long lost friend.

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The 80 Best Family Movies Of All Time

The only problem is that my kids want to watch all those newly developed movies between the ages of two on Netflix, which are somehow equivalent to the quality of Hallmark adult movies. Animated movies may have come a long way since we were kids, but live action movies for kids are pretty terrible. They were much better when I was a kid in the 80s and 90s. I try to explain it to Mazzy and Harlow and they JUST DON’T GET IT. They act like I’m my mom trying to convince me to watch a black and white movie.

Then I try to show them something I remember being funny when I was a kid (like Bette Midler’s Lily Tomlin car,

So. I think it’s important to have a good list ready when those “what movie are we going to watch” discussions begin. Otherwise, you’ll be watching Descendants III for the 4000th time.

Went over HUGE. The best part was that Mazzy and Harlow would always shout out a problem they had with the movie before Fred Savage would interrupt and say the exact same thing.

Best Movies For Tweens

The Karate Kid is another great example. My kids fought tooth and nail to watch it and I gave them no choice. Not only did they love it, but the next night we watched a modern version with Jaden Smith. It wasn’t as good as the original (obviously), but better than watching the Olsen Twins

If your kids are old enough to appreciate movies with real people over cartoon princesses and dancing trolls, here’s a list of the best live action family movies from the 80s and 90s. I’ve included the age recommendations from Common Sense Media, because every family has different rules about what they think is appropriate for their kids. For example, we tried to watch

And my girls didn’t understand what was going on with Marty’s mom in that car. oops Forgot about that scene.

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