16 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Lose Weight

16 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Lose Weight – At the beginning of 2020 I wanted to be 154lbs at 5’6″. Within a few weeks after quarantine restrictions started (around the end of February), I started gaining weight again. I overindulged in desserts because I thought, “Hey, it times are tough, there’s nothing else to do, I deserve the treats.” I didn’t want to regain the weight I had already lost (my highest weight was 180lbs; it took me about 2 years to get to 154lbs). When I saw the new higher number on the scale (157lbs), I decided to put a stop to it and seriously work on losing weight.

As of December 2020, I weigh 137 kilos, which is a weight loss of 20 kilos in less than a year, and I’m trying to lose a few more kilos. I am much closer to my ideal body size, and the 20 pound loss is very noticeable to me and others. Clothes that were tight now, and clothes that fit just right, are too big and baggy. I can see and feel that my body is smaller, and I have more energy and desire to exercise. Here I will share the strategies I follow for sustainable weight loss.

16 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Lose Weight

Depending on how heavy you are, you should aim to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week to do it sustainably. If you want to lose 20 kilos, give yourself 5 months to do it, don’t try to do it in a week or a month. I would say that a weight loss of 20 pounds in a month or less is only realistic, achievable and healthy if you are morbidly obese.

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Instead of putting your goal post far away, put it closer. For example, instead of aiming for a 50-pound weight loss right off the bat, aim for a 10-pound weight loss, which is more achievable, and when you reach that goal, you can set a new goal to lose an additional 10 lose pounds, and so on until you get your desired weight.

It’s not just calories: the type of food you eat matters You don’t necessarily have to eat less. Instead, change the type of food you eat.

Weight loss is basically calories in, calories out. If you are in a calorie deficit (as in, you use more calories than you consume), you will lose weight. If you​​​​are in a calorie surplus (as in, you consume more calories than you use), you will gain weight. So, to lose weight, you need to eat fewer calories than you currently eat or burn more calories than you currently burn, or both.

Eating fewer calories doesn’t have to mean eating less food. You can even eat more and lose weight, but it depends on what you eat. Some foods have much more calories than others for the same weight. For example, a pound of lettuce has 68 calories, while a pound of ground beef (70% lean, 30% fat) has 1,506 calories! Regarding amounts, 68 calories of ground beef is next to nothing compared to 68 calories of lettuce. Can you imagine eating a pound of lettuce in one sitting?

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This doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to eating lettuce and super caloric veggies for weight loss. It would get boring soon. Taste and pleasure are an important part of food for most of us, especially those who want to lose weight. It would help if you eat smart. Prepare your meals so that most of the meal’s volume (eg half of the plate) comes from low-calorie vegetables. This way, your plate has fewer calories, but it is still a large portion of food, and you will feel full and satisfied at the end of the meal. Add more fruits and vegetables to your meals; they are more filling and usually lower in calories.

I recommend counting at the beginning of your weight loss journey so you know the calories in food (a food scale is useful for this), but I don’t think you should make it a permanent staple in your life. In my opinion, strict calorie counting can become obsessive, mentally taxing and harmful.

Remember that you don’t need to feel hungry all the time to lose weight. I would say that hunger is the enemy of weight loss because the longer you feel hungry, the more cravings and less control you have. When you’re hungry, you’ll choose high-calorie foods over healthier meals. Avoid starving; eat well I find it very sad that many people have the impression that you have to starve to lose weight. That is not the case at all.

Once you lose weight, you have to keep it off. If you go back to your old ways, you will gain the weight back. You need to create a meal plan that you enjoy so that you have no problem continuing it after you reach your goal.

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Willpower and self-discipline have their place, but most of us don’t want to force ourselves to do things we hate. Life is too short to hate your meals or your exercise routine. Find foods and workouts that you enjoy.

Do not eat without hunger; wait until you start feeling hungry to eat. Treat food as fuel, not entertainment or comfort. Many of us have an emotional connection with food. We eat it when we are hungry, sad, stressed, bored, happy, etc. We need to address our emotions instead of drowning them in delicious food. This part can be quite a struggle in the weight loss journey, but I digress.

If you constantly eat and your body doesn’t feel hungry, you can forget what hunger even feels like. Here are some signs of hunger:

Eating too much can make you feel tired. It is taxing for the body to process so much food at once. If you adjust your eating habits so that you eat until you are satisfied, and not until you are full, you can feel energy from food instead of being drained from it. Constantly overeating can also increase the amount of food you need to satisfy your hunger because it can cause your stomach to stretch and get bigger.

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Eating slowly, mindfully, and serving appropriate portions can help you avoid overeating. Taste fatigue can also be useful to recognize when you have satisfied your hunger, and it is time to stop eating. Taste fatigue is when you get bored with the flavors of your food. Have you noticed how there is always room for dessert after a meal? You can not eat another bite of food, but bring on the cake! It is because your palate is tired of the taste of your meal, but the idea of ​​changing taste with dessert reawakens your appetite. If a meal tastes great on the first bite, but by a much later bite, it’s “ok,” take it as a sign that you’re satisfied and should save the rest for later. Another example of the influence of taste fatigue on satiety cues is when you eat sweet treats and then start looking for salty treats afterwards, or vice versa. In a sense, your palate gets bored of one taste and wakes up to a new distinct taste.

Everyone says it, you have to practice. Well, actually… you can lose weight without exercise, and simply through a calorie deficit. But exercise will make weight loss much easier. Think about it… you can limit yourself to 1,500 per day and no more, or you can eat 1,800 per day because you burn 300 calories through exercise, so the body just takes in 1,500 calories that day. Exercise allows you to eat more calories and lose weight. This does not mean that you can simply lose weight with exercise and eating whatever and as much as you want. It is difficult to lose many calories in a day through exercise. The 300 calories I mentioned earlier can be lost with 1 hour of jogging or walking depending on your effort, muscle build and body weight. If you eat 1000 calories, you need to jog/walk for more than 3 hours to burn those calories. That is quite unrealistic and would be very exhausting.

Choose an exercise that you can be consistent with. For me, this is an exercise that I enjoy and is not very complicated to do, like skating or cycling. You don’t need a gym to exercise; there are many fun ways to build up a sweat, such as rock climbing, cycling, skating, surfing, jumping rope, etc. Find hobbies that move you and excite you.

It is recommended to do weight training in addition to cardio. If your muscles are bigger, they will use more calories to maintain, so the number of calories you burn at rest increases.

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Find lower calorie alternatives to the foods you enjoy. For example, instead of eating Ben & Jerry’s chocolate ice cream, which has 210 calories in an 85 gram (2/3 cup) serving, eat Halo Top chocolate ice cream, which has 100 calories in the same serving size (half the calories !)

I use Walden Farms’ pancake syrup, which is 0 calories, in

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