Tips The Art Of Calligraphy Master The Pen

Tips The Art Of Calligraphy Master The Pen – Over the past few years, I have conducted several modern calligraphy workshops for beginners and answered countless calligraphy questions via email. These experiences taught me that an article like this is needed: a post that shows you where to start learning from scratch! In this blog post I will explain how to learn modern calligraphy in a few simple steps.

(Wondering what the difference is between modern calligraphy and traditional calligraphy? Take a quick trip to this blog post!)

Tips The Art Of Calligraphy Master The Pen

I believe that “faux calligraphy” – modern calligraphy created with a standard (ballpoint, gel, etc.) pen – is the best introduction to fountain pen calligraphy. The fact that you’re using a familiar writing tool allows you to focus on the letters, which is great for beginners!

Getting Creative With Calligraphy And Hand Lettering

This blog post includes a video tutorial and a free printable on how to create fake calligraphy. Note that fake calligraphy is not just for beginners! You can use the technique on a variety of surfaces that are not suitable for fountain pens, such as blackboards. Once you’ve practiced fake calligraphy for a few weeks and become comfortable with it, you’re ready to move on to fountain pen calligraphy.

If you want to treat yourself to something special, you can purchase a ready-made calligraphy set. TPK calligraphy kits are thoughtfully designed with the best necessities for beginners. They include useful accessories such as a workbook, a cleaning cloth and a Nikko G slant pen with brass flanges.

All nibs have the manufacturer’s oils on them to keep them well preserved while in storage waiting to be sold. You should clean the oils before using brand new tips. I generally stick the spikes into the potato to get rid of the oil! You can learn more about how to clean your spikes and why in this blog post.

I use the “potato method” to clear all the spikes! You can read more about it here.

Using Brush Pens For Calligraphy + A Collection Of Worksheets

Cleaning the manufacturer’s oils from your nibs will ensure smooth, trouble-free ink flow. If you don’t clean the oil, you will likely have problems with ink smears on the paper or the nib may not go down on the page at all.

While you can use a plastic Speedball pen with a Nikko G nib, I recommend purchasing a fountain pen with a universal liner. The universal insert has four metal “petals” and a rim; it should look like the photo below. A pen with a universal insert can accommodate different sizes of nibs!

If your universal insert looks like the picture below, you will need to push the petals back in. Pens sometimes come to look like this:

Once you have everything ready, it’s time to insert the nib into the pen. The base of the tip should slide right under the slot on the edge of the rim as shown below.

Modern Calligraphy 101 For Beginners

Make sure you insert the blunt side of the tip into the holder *under* the groove in the rim!

The easiest way to learn calligraphy is through a video tutorial, so I’ve put together a video tutorial for you. In it, I quickly go over the basics, then show you how to hold a pen and write the basic alphabet of Janet Style calligraphy.

You can download the worksheet I use in the video by clicking here. For additional practice, you can choose from other free calligraphy worksheets. Print all worksheets on 32# laser printer paper, which is an economical paper suitable for dipping.

Calligraphy can be learned for free online. With research and focused practice, you’ll figure it out! However, if you want to get there faster and with less frustration, take a course. TPK’s Modern Calligraphy Beginners Online Course is only $35 and has over 130 5-star reviews, making it one of the cheapest and most popular calligraphy courses on the web! (Once you’re done, you can move on to an advanced course to hone your skills even further.)

Mastering Modern Calligraphy Book

Teaching modern calligraphy workshops has given me the unique opportunity to understand first-hand the struggles and frustrations of beginners. Below is a list of six problems and their solutions:

The important thing to remember – in modern calligraphy and many other things – is that practice will develop your skills exponentially! Everyone starts somewhere and this is where I started:

I created this piece in 2012 before I understood how to do fake calligraphy (let alone how to use a fountain pen!).

As you can see, my calligraphy skills have grown significantly since writing the Rumi quote. I kept getting better, just like you!

How Any Woman Can Become A Calligraphy Master Leisurely Pursuits

The best advice I can give about learning calligraphy is that you have to enjoy the practice. Yes, use structured resources like an online course or worksheet, but also have fun. Once you understand how to use a fountain pen, take on challenging and fun projects. I have a list of 22 amazing calligraphy tutorials here and I recommend you try at least one. As long as you enjoy the exercise, you will continue to improve your skills!

I hope you enjoyed this beginner’s guide to modern calligraphy! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. Thank you so much for reading The Postman’s Knock!

Hi! I’m Lindsey Bugbee! Designer + illustrator + calligrapher behind The Postman’s Knock (TPK). TPK is a blog dedicated to teaching creative techniques and offers tutorials for learning modern calligraphy and illustration. I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing!

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Anastasia is a web designer by day and a calligrapher by night. Over the past year, she became seriously interested in calligraphy and writing, with… More about Anastasia↬

Typography is the primary element of composition. Being a designer, I pay a lot of attention to its quality. Photoshop is easy for me to handle; However, to improve my skills, I always learn to work with letters, using my hands, without any computer programs. I took the calligraphy course for the first time about a year ago and the decision was quite difficult. I was sure that it would be laborious and that I would need excellent handwriting to learn this art. How wrong I was!

I took the calligraphy course for the first time about a year ago and the decision was quite difficult. I was sure that it would be laborious and that I would need excellent handwriting to learn this art. How wrong I was! The guy tells us stuff all the time. The letters express the mood, the atmosphere. They give words a certain color.

Fonts always tell us something. We receive information through typography. Scripture influences us, colors words, creates mood and atmosphere, helps, teaches, scares, brings joy and inspires.

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Typography is primarily an information medium. At the same time, it fulfills social functions and acts as an indicator of the age to which it belongs. The contemporary world has its own rhythm, aesthetics and philosophy; while we change, everything around us changes. By studying historical writing in calligraphy, we can understand the character and potential of the writing instrument and, as a result, master its means of expression.

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When I entered the calligraphy class, I could hear the students talking to each other, “I’ll never do it like this! “I can’t write so beautifully!”

Honestly, I felt the same way. But that was nonsense! And I say this as a Photoshop master who didn’t know how to write clean lines by hand until a year ago. Type is the visual language that connects writer and reader.

Beginner’s Guide To Modern Brush Pen Calligraphy

Tip: There are many useful resources and online courses on the Internet. However, I recommend starting by learning from professionals (at workshops, calligraphy schools). A professional will help you develop the right technique, answer your questions and challenge you to the nuances of the craft. Even something as seemingly simple as posture and the technique of holding the pen will significantly affect the result.

Studying in the course had a positive result. By writing with different tools and trying different techniques, I was able to find out which tool works best for me.

I learned the history of calligraphy, learned how to customize my workplace, and learned how to choose a tool. I practiced Alphabet Ornamental Script, Quadrata Texture, Italics, English Round Hand, Modern Calligraphy, Brush Script and Chalk Script. I also learned how to make my own calligraphy tools. Calligraphy is the most intimate, personal, spontaneous form of expression. Like a fingerprint or a voice, each person is unique.

Tip: I recommend spending the first hours writing with a flat brush. Get used to it

How To Fake Calligraphy

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