Exploring The World Of Lucid Dreaming Audiobook

Exploring The World Of Lucid Dreaming Audiobook – Exploring the World of Lucid Dreams by Steven LaBerge and Howard Reingold takes you into the world of dreams where you learn the science behind dreams. You will see how dreams come to you and how you can use such dreams to gain health and motivation. Read and decipher your dreams.

Have you ever wondered how you dream? What things have you encountered that appear in your dreams? Do dreams come true? What about seeing dreams as motivation?

Exploring The World Of Lucid Dreaming Audiobook

If you are fascinated by the world of dreams, here is a summary of the book that unlocks the secrets of this world.

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Today we are talking about the book “Exploring the World of Dreaming” written by Stephen LaBerge and Howard Reingold.

This book tells us about those fantastic dreams that we see day and night. We make the impossible possible in our dreams; we can achieve anything we dream of. We learn how to use our dreams correctly, with their help we can solve our problems and gain more self-confidence.

We can enhance our creativity and overcome our fears and obstacles so that we can create a new sense of empowerment and independence in our lives.

The author has scientifically explained the psychology of sleep, which helps to increase our self-understanding, and we realize that the possibilities of increasing our consciousness are more than we think.

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We can use our dreams to improve our lives. And it’s all in our power to turn our bad and scary dreams into good and reassuring dreams. We can define ourselves in the right way by realizing our dreams. And we can use our dreams to make our day better.

To understand the book, we will discuss it separately in 6 important chapters. So let’s begin.

I’m one of the few people who just digests a book and then tries to make a conclusion.

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Reading a book, drawing conclusions, all takes time and I make sure I value my time. I also appreciate the time you take to read this brief, so my intention is to serve you the best and something different from what is available on this vast Internet.

First of all, we need to understand what Lucid Dreaming is. A lucid dream occurs when you “wake up” in a dream and are aware of what is happening within the dream. People who have experienced nightmares say that it has greatly improved their lives.

Yes, it may sound weird or out of your control, but it’s not. In fact, anyone can. You can and will learn to improve your life from your nightmares. Before you can learn this, you must first learn a little about your dream world, and for that you must separate your dream state from your waking state.

On the other hand, in the dream, it is different. The information your brain uses to create sleep comes from inside your body because when you sleep, you have less knowledge outside of your body.

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In other words, when you are dreaming, your brain is doing the same thinking and perception process as when you are awake. It is another thing that there are no external factors that interfere with your experience during sleep. Therefore, dreams are formed from information that is already in your mind simply because there is no limit to the possibilities of what can happen in your dreams.

Lucid Dreaming has the power to make the lives of healthy people happy. In fact, many Lucid Dreamers report that they have used Lucid Dreams to positively influence their lives after waking up. This means that the more good and clear dreams you have, the more creative you will be in preparing yourself for any situation.

Because you can do anything you put your mind to. Only after thinking, you will work to achieve your results. Therefore, you should also understand and accept the theory of Dreaming.

For this, first you need to remember your dreams. The best way to remember what you dream about and better understand it is to keep a dream diary. Keep it next to your bed and write down your dreams when you wake up. Don’t wait, because waiting can make you forget half of your sleep or not at all.

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When you have finished writing, think about the signals in your dreams or the things in your dreams that indicate that you are dreaming. Lucid dreams can also intentionally change the outcomes of your dreams.

They can create and change objects, people, situations, worlds, and even themselves. By the standards of what they know about physical and social reality, Lucid Dreamers can do the impossible.

Your dreams don’t come out of nowhere, but dreams are based on sensory information and the power of your memory is accumulated throughout the day. Remember that the mind with which you dream is still in your mind with which you do something while you are awake.

This means that if you want to experience Lucid dreaming, one important thing to remember is that it is your brain that creates your dreams. Your dreams don’t come from somewhere else. This means that your dreams are made up of everything gathered through your ability to remember, so by controlling what comes to mind during the day; you can control what you sleep at night.

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Considering this, the authors talk about many types of exercises. The first thing you need to do is to get into the habit of asking yourself every day: “Am I dreaming?”

Ask yourself this at least five to ten times a day. By making it a habit, you’ll increase the likelihood that you’ll ask yourself this while you sleep, which is one of the first steps to starting lucid dreaming.

Now, if you can’t remember all the events of the dream, write in your dream journal what thoughts and feelings you remember and what you were thinking and feeling at the time.

The goal here is to start recognizing the common things and themes you see in your dreams. When you start noticing things that happen over and over again, they become easier to recognize after you fall asleep.

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Then you’ll feel like, “Oh, this always happens when I’m dreaming,” and it’ll let you know that you’re in a dream. A dream list also makes it easier to remember dreams after waking up.

To promote Lucid Dreaming, you must go to sleep with a big intention. This means just going to sleep with the intention of having a lucid dream.

When you are lying in bed, talk about the things in your dreams that you recognized while you were awake.

To perform Lucid Dreaming, you must remember your dreams. After that, you should try to see your dreams again, remember them and remember what happened in your day. You can change your night dreams and have vivid dreams.

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Lucid dreaming generally refers to what the authors call Dream Initiated Lucid Dreams (DILDS), which means that when you realize that you are dreaming and then your dream is a lucid dream.

Waking dreams with lucid dream initiation (WILD) are dreams that you have while you are still conscious. It seems impossible, doesn’t it?

Since sleeping with your mood involves losing consciousness, in WILDs, when you keep your mind while sleeping, you become insane, so you can’t lose your senses.

You can use hypnagogic imagery and focus on your breath or heartbeat. From the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep, you will see these dreams in your mind.

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Start dreaming without having fallen asleep and are still sleeping. The authors describe a technique on how to perform this imagery known as hypnotic imagery. Sleep isn’t like flipping a switch, it’s actually a powerful chain of biological processes.

When we begin to sleep, most of our body’s systems become anabolic, our brain uses less energy, our core temperature drops, and we transition into deeper or slower sleep.

After this, our body becomes paralyzed (so we don’t act out our dreams) and we go into rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which is characterized by an increased level of brain activity. This is where nightmares happen.

Hypnagogia, also known as “pre-sleep” or wakefulness transitions. When you go through hypnosis, you usually start seeing images in your mind’s eye.

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These are known as hypnotic images or hypnotic illusions, which often take the form of light and geometric patterns. Other times these images look like duplicates

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