Dawn Of The Dead Ultimate Edition Blu Ray

Dawn Of The Dead Ultimate Edition Blu Ray – A copy of Dawn of the Dead created by fans for fans has been floating around for years, called Dawn of the Dead Extended Mal Hours Cut, merging all possible clips from every version of the 1978 film into one massive version. the movie By all rights this is the original definitive edition of the George Romero classic, if you’re lucky enough to own a copy of the Mal Hours cut, you’ll be a champion of Dawn of the Dead. The film takes footage from the three main versions that entered file-sharing sites under the title ‘Extended Mal Hours’. This particular cut of the film reportedly runs the longest, clocking in at a staggering three hours and fifteen minutes.

The Mal Hours Cut is an edited version of the film by a fan who wishes to remain nameless. In this version, the fan included some deleted footage from the film’s first release. Thanks to this footage, the viewer is given a deeper insight into the world of the film, including longer scenes, alternate takes and footage that was originally cut. Movie buffs will find this special version a priceless piece of memorabilia.

Dawn Of The Dead Ultimate Edition Blu Ray

The Mall’s Hours cut is a fan-altered version of the film. A new interpretation of a film is created by removing, rearranging, or adding new material. This fan edit has a little extra footage. Moreover, there are many scenes of violence in the mall sequences and various dialogue extensions that expand the narrative and give more importance to the story. At the end of the film, we see the bikers planning their “strategy of attack” in an extended scene. Stephen and Peter have a long conversation even after returning from their first shopping trip. In the event that Fran is bitten, they argue over how they would handle it. It has a much darker tone than the theatrical cut, with a more depressing tenor. New material is seamlessly incorporated into the revised version.

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According to the synopsis, the Mall Hours cut gives viewers a more in-depth look at the characters and their motivations, as well as a more expansive look at the zombie and mall backdrop. The newly added material has more gore and brutality, resulting in a more intense and more unsettling viewing experience.

Although this version of the film is not officially licensed and cannot be purchased, it has developed a devoted fan following and is considered an absolute requirement for film fans to watch at some point. The film is also considered a masterpiece in the zombie subgenre and the Mal Hours edit is such a distinctive take on the film’s story that you should definitely watch if you can get your hands on a copy.

The Extended Mal Hours Cut is a unique video that is only available to bootleg and has been circulating in niche communities of horror fans for the better part of its existence. People interested in watching this version of the film may find it difficult to track down; However, a supporter just sent us a note to let us know that running a simple search on YouTube will get you the results you’re looking for.

All available footage from Dawn of the Dead is included in a new Blu-ray edition called “The Complete Cut,” which recently became available. Although the “Extended Mall Hours Cut” has been largely superseded, we’ll continue to think of it as the first and best definitive edition for the rest of our lives. As a point of clarification, “The Complete Cut” is the ideal version to own right now, as its picture quality is superior and its cuts have been professionally completed, making it even better than our previously coveted Mal Hours edition.

Dawn Of The Dead (1978) 4k Uhd Blu Ray 4 Disc Set New 5028836041276

The extended cut of ‘Halloween Kills’ will be available on digital in December while the 3D theatrical release of “Dawn of the Dead” is still underway. “Dawn of the Dead” returns to theaters in 3D! Dawn of the Dead (1978) Facts & Information

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Dawn Of The Dead 4k Uhd (bluray, Box Set) 5028836041276

Got this for a colleague who is away, he enjoys it, no problems, the disc came loose and the disc rattled around the box, but it rattled during shipping

What a huge disappointment. Nice packaging, but this might be the worst looking “restoration” of a movie I’ve ever seen. The picture and sound are muddy, blurry, lack clarity and clarity. The opening scenes of the theatrical cut are so “reddish” that it looks negatively affected … and the later scenes have poor color balance and the contrast is completely off. It looks flawed. Argento’s cut has similar problems — the opening scenes are “red” and the whole thing is muddy — but not nearly as bad. I didn’t bother to watch the Cannes cut. No point.

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