Are You The One Season 1 Matches

Are You The One Season 1 Matches – The Brits come in looking for their perfect match with the first season

After eight seasons, the American reality show now aims to scientifically match their cast with their perfect fit.

Are You The One Season 1 Matches

The only catch is that each single person has to figure out which person is right for them or lose their chance at the prize pool.

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As host Joel Noble explains: “Expect romance, drama and passion… all the best ingredients for an amazing series that teaches us that finding your ‘perfect match’ isn’t always easy, but it’s well worth it!

After partying a lot and never getting rejected by the guy she wanted, she decided to step away from the party lifestyle and felt it was “toxic”.

Tasha says people always misjudge her cute looks. She has previously competed in a number of Miss England pageants, which has made her very competitive – so she’s not afraid to go after what she wants.

Tasha loves the thrill and challenge of being with a guy, whether it’s stalking their social media accounts or trying to change a bad boyfriend, though she hasn’t been successful yet.

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Robin describes herself as chilled but “hard working” with a heart of gold. A self-confessed girl, she would rather dance the night away with her friend than find a guy on a night out.

Robin believes she has a habit of dating “toxic” men who break her heart and finds it hard to trust guys. She hopes that finding the perfect partner will help her calm down and learn to trust again.

Taofika spent much of her childhood in the Irish countryside and has lived in over 30 countries in her lifetime!

She craved the party life in the city and feels like she intimidates men because of her career success. Despite being hurt in past relationships, she’s ready to find someone cool to “pacify” her.

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Juan is proud of his Colombian Latino background which sets him and his friends apart from other guys in his area.

With a quirky personality, Juan says he “can’t help” flirting with girls and hasn’t had a relationship in over a year, but wants to tame his wandering eyes for the right girl.

Coming from a small Irish town, dating is hard “when your dad knows everyone” and she usually spends her free time at her family’s pub with the locals.

Therese hopes to find someone closer to her age who can be her best friend with whom she does everything.

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People are shocked when Theo explains his job, but he enjoys being able to care for others and work with his family.

An old-school romantic, Theo has had two long-term relationships but they ended after they were at different stages of life, but now he’s ready to settle down and find ‘The One’.

Libby describes herself as a “super glam farmer” and a country girl at heart. Her passion for horse stunts even made it to the big screen when she appeared

She has also been unlucky in love as all her boyfriends have been unfaithful and she feels that she is often overlooked by many guys. She is ready to be swept off her feet by her knight in shining armor.

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Thea describes herself as a “classic Pisces” – hurts harder and loves harder. Her weekend job as a ring girl has made her extremely competitive and attention-seeking, both professionally and in her love life.

Growing up as an only child with extremely close parents, she’s looking for a guy who will shower her with the love and attention she needs, and maybe even trade in her boxing ring for a diamond…

Shae is a total “daddy’s girl” looking for a man to match and impress her protective family.

She’s bold and fierce and isn’t afraid to take down an arrogant guy – but she wants to find the balance between a confident guy who’s goofy, good for a laugh and will treat her like a princess.

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Jack is a self-confessed workaholic – but he’d love to meet a girl to “shake it out of him”!

Despite working nights and weekends, Jack loves to party and will always try to win a girl over with a round of drinks… he’d choose a pina colada over a pint any day!

Saphia is the girl who “never goes unnoticed” in the room – and is a confident drama queen who isn’t afraid to laugh at herself.

Her mom is her best friend who even set her up on a dating app because she is desperate for her daughter to meet someone.

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Saphia believes she needs someone calmer to balance out her high energy personality and hopes science can step in!

Olivia has previously worked in bars around the world, including Ibiza and Dubai. She admits that she struggles to flirt with boys and ends up “friending” them because of her boyish personality and banter.

She’s never had a boyfriend, but she hopes a summer with other singles will let her guard down and find someone who will put up with her independent personality.

Josh is a man who loves his luxurious lifestyle. He has lived and studied all over the world and even speaks five languages.

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In fact, he rarely spends more than three months in one place and likes to travel at a moment’s notice. Although he has never been able to work remotely, he hopes to find a spontaneous girl who can fly around the world by his side.

He is very family oriented, and having been raised by a single mother, describes himself as a “gentleman”. Jacob feels like a lot of the girls he’s been with before want a “bad boy” and make assumptions about him because of his job, but he’s really an old-fashioned romantic.

Girls tend to hook him up and think he’s too nice, so he hopes to find a girl who matches his energy.

Jacob likes to stay fit, plays ice hockey and skateboards. His tactic with women is to befriend them first, and he finds that calling them “couple” and giving them high fives always works in his favor.

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Charlie describes himself as a “big family guy” and wants to find a girlfriend that his parents and younger sister approve of.

Charlie admits he wears his heart on his sleeve and falls fast, but he hasn’t been able to reach the one-year milestone with a girlfriend. His friends say his life has more drama than a soap opera.

As a confident ‘womanizer with a 100% success rate, will Charlie change his ways and find his twin?

He balances his party lifestyle with relaxing hobbies, including golf and meditation. Despite his confident exterior, he has a big heart and hopes to find his perfect match who won’t judge him based on first impressions.

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Ismail describes himself as “loud, stupid and goofy” and likes to make people laugh. Despite being confident with his friends, he admits to being an introvert and rarely approaches girls on a night out for fear of rejection.

After being cheated on, he became a serial dater, so he’s looking forward to science taking the reins to find his perfect match.

In addition to his studies, Cacharel also works part-time as a children’s instructor, model and dancer – his dream is to open dance schools around the world.

Ketch describes himself as an “old soul” and tends to date older women, with two long-term relationships under his belt. He is a romantic at heart, but has never had “that feeling” when you find him, and hopes to find his perfect match in the house.

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Shanlei is crying. We hear her before we see her. Her voice, echoing over a scenic shot of a beautiful beach at night, wavers. “I don’t trust anyone in this house,” she exclaims. We finally see her. She stands in front of a group of her peers, her brown hair pulled into a messy low ponytail, her face puffy and red, probably from some combination of emotion, exhaustion, alcohol and sun exposure. She continues: “You’re selfish, you want to win money. I get it! I want to win money too. But I can’t. There’s one more person I care about, whether you’re my perfect match or not.” The group stares at her silently. “You’re fucking assholes.”

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